Earned Edition Design Features

The 20–21 Utah Jazz Earned Edition welcomes green back to the uniform set, this time a vibrant green in a similar manner as the classic road uniform the Jazz wore upon their arrival to Salt Lake City. The jersey features the enlarged J-note colored in gold and white. The side panels have a new design, evoking the shape and style of the upper portion of the J-note logo. The uniform also includes a silver Nike logo on both the shorts and the jersey, as well as a 5 for the Fight partnership patch on the jersey. The uniform will make its debut on March 12.

The Earned Edition uniform is a special uniform reserved only for the teams who earned it by making the NBA Playoffs the previous season.


Natural Beauty. Fire. Passion. Power. It’s the next stage of a celebration of our state. It’s the 20–21 Utah Jazz City Edition uniform.

City Edition Design Features

The 20–21 Utah Jazz City Edition is the evolution of the gradient, red-rock theme of our iconic original City uniform. The predominantly black uniform features simplified color bands strikingly positioned on the top half of the jersey and the left leg of the shorts.

The asymmetry of the color bands on the shorts are an homage to the late ’90s uniform, which featured a mountain range on the left leg. The Jazz/state logo—representing how the Jazz belong to all of Utah—has been promoted from the waistband to the right leg of the shorts.

The City Edition uniform remains the only Jazz uniform that features the name of our state, with UTAH emblazoned across the chest. The Delicate Arch graphic is now featured on the waistband.

City Edition Court Design Features

Like the 20-21 uniform, the new court has switched into #darkmode. The tribute to the red rock formations of southern Utah continues, with an added infusion of black.

The Jazz/state logo is now featured at center court, and the color bands have been added to the painted area in the key. An alternate UTAH word mark is displayed on each baseline.


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