2019-20 Utah Jazz Nike Classic Edition Uniform

Uniform Full

Classic Edition

In celebration of one of the most successful periods in franchise history, the Utah Jazz will bring back the purple mountain jerseys worn from 1996–2004 for the 2019/20 season.

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Uniform Detail

Classic Edition Design Features

Based on the road uniform worn during Utah's back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals, the purple jersey features the prominent white-to-purple gradient mountain range and is trimmed in purple, teal, white and copper. The '90s Jazz wordmark is featured on the front chest, while white numerals trimmed in copper and teal sit underneath. The shorts feature the white mountain range on the left leg, the "UJ" secondary mark on the right leg, and the tertiary snowflake basketball logo on the waistband.

The uniform also includes the Nike logo on both the jersey and shorts, as well as a 5 For The Fight partnership patch on the jersey.

Court Detail

Classic Edition Court Design Features

The accompanying Classic Edition court is a replica of the court the Jazz played on during the 1996–2004 seasons. The classic primary logo sits prominently at midcourt and the key is filled with teal. Purple is accented in the free throw circle. The baseline features the snowflake basketball logo flanked by "UTAH JAZZ" lettering in a western motif.


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