Donovan Mitchell

Spida meets Spiderman: Actor Tom Holland wears Donovan Mitchell's signature shoe

by Angie Treasure
Fans of Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell and the Marvel Cinematic Universe experienced a collision of fandoms Friday when Mitchell posted a photo of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" star Tom Holland wearing Spida's signature shoe: The D.O.N Issue #1 in the Spider-Man colorway. On Instagram, Donovan posted the shot of Holland—the current MCU Spiderman—wearing the red and blue D.O.N. Issue #1s with the caption: "[Tom Holland] said he wanted to switch career paths."
Mitchell followed up by posting a photo reenacting the fan favorite meme of two animated Spidermen pointing at each other on Twitter with the caption: "I've been waiting to post this forever hahaha ..." "I can't show y'all what I'm wearing", the caption explains in regards to the scribbling over Donovan's outfit. Mitchell's signature shoe with adidas is slated to release this Summer. Some of the colorways that were game-worn during the 2019 playoffs were also inspired by Marvel characters like Venom and Iron Man.
"Spider-Man: Far From Home"—starring Holland in the titular role—hits theaters on July 2.

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