Roundball Roundup: George Karl on Game 3, Donovan Mitchell, and John Stockton

by JP Chunga

George Karl battled the Jazz across his four decades in the NBA. The longtime NBA head coach relives some of those playoff memories and looks at Utah's series against one of his former teams - the Denver Nuggets.

Plus, JP gives his thoughts on the first two games and pays homage to assistant coach Johnnie Bryant.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:


1:35 — Donovan’s start to the series

6:25 — Mike Conley’s quarantine 

9:15 — Johnnie Bryant to New York

12:25 — George’s meeting with Donovan

16:50 — “Mike Conley was one my favorite playoff players over the last five years.”

25:35 — Earning a scholarship to UNC

31:20 — “Stockton might be my favorite point guard of all time.”

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