Roundball Roundup: Carlos Boozer explains why he always yelled "And-1"

by JP Chunga

Carlos Boozer is the last Jazzman to record a regular season triple-double. Donovan nearly got it yesterday.

Carlos joins RR to talk about the current team. Plus, JP catches up with Nayo Campbell.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:


1:50 — CurlyMe!

6:20 — Nayo grew up a Celtics fans

18:40 — First time watching Stockton’s shot against Houston

21:55 — Carlos Boozer earned his degree from Duke

24:00 — Jordan Clarkson as a rookie

28:50 — What it took to succeed in the postseason

34:15 — Coach K in an army helmet

41:10 — And-1

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