Roundball Roundup: Bryon Russell relives Stockton's Shot + Preseason ends

Episode 5 wraps up the team's exhibitions
by JP Chunga

Two preseason games to review on Roundball Roundup.’s JP Chunga looks at how the preseason rounded up. It registers in the standings on Wednesday. Plus, JP caught up with 90’s defensive stopper Bryon Russell to talk trash talking and Jazz basketball.

A rundown of the episode:

2:15 — Reviewing the preseason

3:15 — Quin Snyder on Bojan Bogdanović

6:00 GM Survey

8:45 — Transaction news

11:00 — Bryon Russell getting into Jerry Sloan shape

13:25 — Being Karl Malone’s rookie

17:00 — What he likes from this year’s team

19:25 — Trash talking in the 90’s

21:00 — Gary Payton’s trash talking story

23:40 — Reliving John Stockton’s shot against Houston

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