Emptying the Noggin - It's All About the Enes No Treble

*** “He got his numbers and he got the L, like always”- Trevor Booker post game about Enes Kanter

*** “He really pissed us off with those comments” – Gordon Hayward post game about Enes Kanter

*** “I didn’t like the way Enes handled the interviews this afternoon” – Scott Brooks about Enes Kanter

*** “It was very personal. We try to stay away from those things but we all felt disrespected” – Trey Burke about Enes Kanter

*** Hayward went Urban Meyer he wouldn’t refer to Enes by name instead of calling him former Jazz player

*** Enes Kanter is an immature momentum player. This could turn the tide on his run in OKC. This game became solely about Enes. The intensity was high. Elbows were flying, pushes were being administered. This was very physical and it all happened because of Enes comments at shoot around today.

*** Kanter said “I don’t care if they boo me” I know Enes. Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth. Enes more than any athlete I have ever covered is desperate to be loved.

*** Enes Kanter “they are not a good basketball team” in post game. This actually was true when Enes played for the Jazz but is not as true since he was traded.

*** Jazz won despite shooting 38% and shot 6 of 29 from the three point line and still won. Plus, they didn’t have Derrick Favors and Hayward went 4 for 16 and 0 for 6 from three.

*** Trey Burke was really aggressive. He drove to the basket hard and created opportunities. The Jazz went after Kanter in the pick and roll as often as they could and Trey killed him he went 1 for 8 from 3 and scored 22 points. This is not something he wouldn’t have done in the past. He shot 7 free throws and that is the 2nd most of his career.

*** This was about a collective effort and they fought hard to get the win. At the opening tip circle the Jazz starting 5 players went to all 4 of the Thunder starters not named Enes to do the pre-game greeting. Not one Jazz player went to Enes.

*** Westbrook was great in the 1st and 4th quarter scoring and making plays. In the 1st quarter he was hitting the roller early and often. The Jazz took this away after the 1st quarter and Westbrook didn’t adjust. He went quiet in the 2nd and 3rd quarter and was turnover laden. Then in the 4th quarter he became the only Thunder player with the ball going 1 on 1 and scoring but not assisting. He didn’t have an assist in the 4th but he was the only Thunder player to score in the final 8 minutes. This was the ultimate example of why Westbrook is so debated.

*** This is a collective effort win. It is an important win for the growth of this team that they bonded over the immature and “most pathetic comments I have ever heard from a player” (Phil Johnson) and got the win.

*** On a personal note, I have been an Enes fan. I have known all of his warts and excused them and hoped for the better. He left himself so exposed to night that he is on his own, we have all protected him and cocooned him for the last years and were going to keep doing it but he is on his own now.