Drive & Dish: Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham shares his secrets to success

The Minivan heads up the hill this week to catch up with University of Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham. On this episode of Georges Niang’s Drive & Dish podcast, Whittingham details the process of building a winning program in the PAC-12 Conference, his hobbies away from the football field, and the items on his bucket list.

A rundown of the episode:


0:45 — Staying focused during the pandemic

1:55 — Whitt’s workouts

2:45 — Taking things day by day

4:30 — A cultural and conference shift

8:45 — Life on both sides of the Utah-BYU rivalry

11:00 — Staying motivated after 25 years on the job

12:45 — Hobbies

14:00 – Dream dinner guests

15:00 — Favorite sports quote

16:30 — Ute season recap

19:40 — Bucket list items

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