Donovan Mitchell crashed 3 different barbecues on the Fourth of July

How many Fourth of July barbecues were you invited to this year?

Donovan Mitchell lost count.

When the Slam Dunk champ woke up Wednesday morning and realized he needed a place to celebrate Independence Day, he asked a few thousand of his closest friends on Twitter about their plans.

“Where’s the BBQ’s at Salt Lake??? Might just pull up,” Mitchell wrote.

The tweet garnered more than 700 replies—and plenty of invites to parties across Utah. In the end, Mitchell and his pals, including Utah Jazz teammate Royce O’Neale, made appearances at three house parties in the Salt Lake Valley.

“Fortunately, I found a few spots,” Mitchell said. “Some people were kind of astonished when we showed up. But I think because I had tweeted it, it wasn’t as surprising for some others because people were hoping I came to their party. It was pretty cool to just have fun and enjoy it.”

Mitchell’s party crashing thrilled Jazz fans, many of whom endured a disappointing July 4 exactly one year earlier.

“But it didn’t cross my mind for it to be like that” Mitchell said. “Obviously I knew, but it wasn’t like, ‘Let’s do this because of that.’ It was just something I thought of on the spot.”

Mitchell was just looking to enjoy his holiday.

And when, on a 100-degree day, he found a swimming pool with a basketball hoop in it, he knew he’d come to the right place.

“I had to get in,” he said. “You’ve got to have fun.”