"Be Free" — Utah Jazz Foundation Donates to Safe UT

Ryan Kostecka
Digital Content Writer

Since 2016, the #TakeNote hashtag has been a rallying cry for Jazz Nation. It’s a way of showing love and support for the organization, a way of connecting the fans throughout the world. 

Now, that moniker will take on a different role and meaning — one that aims at highlighting a shared commitment to the community and a focus on mental well-being across Utah.

The Utah Jazz Foundation has made a donation to Safe UT in support of an anti-bullying campaign and suicide prevention resources. 

This donation comes following the tragic suicide of 10-year-old Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor in 2021. Tichenor’s passing sent shockwaves throughout the state and served as a stark reminder of the mental, emotional, and physical challenges young people go through daily. 

Safe UT is an app that provides a direct connection to licensed counselors dedicated to providing any needed support in any medium. That support is immediate and confidential; all it takes is sending one message. 

"As an organization, there's no doubt that everyone's behind them (Tichenor family). Whatever we can do, we had a really good chat about some things that we can do obviously now, to try and help as best we can," former Jazzman Joe Ingles said following the passing of Tichenor. "But also in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again. And not just to a kid with special needs, just any kid, every kid, every adult, everyone deserves to go to work or school or whatever we are doing and go and be free and enjoy it.”

Be sure to download the Safe UT app; don’t be afraid to send that first message.