About Last Night - Jazz 97, Clippers 95

by Hayley Byrnes

Winning is awesome. The internet is awesome. When these two things come together? Well, the content just writes itself!

Hot off the heels of Saturday night's Game 1 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, Jazz fans and media outlets had a blast sharing hilarious GIFS, funny tweets, and photoshops. That's what winning in the Jazz community gives us. It pulls us all together so we can enjoy the moments and savor the feeling one retweet at a time.

Here are some of our favorites:

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Nobody was ready to sleep after that victory.

Perhaps the greatest GIF of all time? (The answer is yes).

This one too:

National media has now had a taste of Joe Ingles and they want more!

Jazz fan Ben made quick work isoloating JJ in this cool photo:

Sports are emotional!

Angie reminded us that Rodney Hood was once just a young boy who looked up to Joe Johnson. Feelings people!

Finally, we had to end all this with no other than a David Locke radio call - Let's do this all agian after we win Game 2!