2011 Scouting Reports: Kemba Walker

As the play-by-play voice of the Utah Jazz and host of "Locked On Sports" on 1320 KFAN, David Locke is no stranger to the NBA. Join him as his scouts the top 2011 NBA Draft prospects. This is the place to find David's pure, unedited Jazz draft insight.

Specifics: 6’1”, 184 lbs
Birthdate: May 8th 1990  (21 years old)
Numbers: 24 ppg, 5 rpg,  4 apg on 43% FG, and 33% 3FG
Games Scouted: Kentucky v. Washington, Kentucky v. Tennessee, Kentucky  v. UConn


Kemba may be the greatest tournament player in the history of college basketball.   He was the MVP of the Maui Classic, the Big East tourney and the NCAA tourney this year.   He grew up in the Bronx, NY.   Kemba was a McDonald’s All-American with his biggest high school win coming over Derrick Rose’s team.   He has a dancing background and performed at the Apollo Theater.


Kemba Walker has all the intangibles.  He is a tough, smart, relentless winner.  There are players, and then there are ballers, and this kid is a baller.  He makes shots.  He makes plays.   He played most of his time while at UConn off the ball, so playing with the ball and leading a team will be a big adjustment.   He is small and has a hard time finishing at the rim.   Defensively he was inactive as a college player.  In transition, he sees the floor well and makes plays.  Kemba is lightning fast.   He doesn’t have any mid-range game or any floater to compensate for his lack of size.


Solid NBA player, not sure if he is a starter or a third guard.  We will have a tough time seeing him shoot over 40% during his early years in the NBA.  He is going to need to make a very significant adjustment to his game to be a starter and floor-leading point guard in the NBA.  Kemba makes plays, impacts games and creates energy.  He will be a valuable NBA player.

Overall: He is a playmaker.  Put simply, he scores, he makes plays, and he draws attention.
Moving w/o the ball: Kemba gets himself open but doesn’t greatly use screens to free himself.  He didn’t come off picks tightly or on a curl.
Isolation Game: He can take you 1-on-1 and beat you, but he is going to need to learn some tricks to help him complete plays.
Handle: Needs to tighten it some, but his ball handling is adequate.
Pick and Roll: He can turn the corner but he is a better finisher coming down the baseline where he can use the rim then he is in the middle of the lane.  His shooting is not superior enough that you have to go over the pick-and-roll.
Shooting: Kemba, more often than not, exhibits strong fundamentals on his shot.  He gets caught fading or off-balance at times.   He will improve this with time in the NBA.
Rebounding He finds a way to the ball.
Passing: He makes plays.  At first, he intends score but he can make the pass.
Poise: He’s a winner.
Understanding: Kemba has guts.
Overall: Didn’t play defense at UConn.  It’s a bit disturbing that in the main plays he still got beat.
On-Floor Defense: Not good.
Help Defense: He is a roamer trying to pick up a possession.
Pick and Roll D: Kemba’s not an active defender.  The team hides him more often than not.
Rebounding: He’s magnetic to the ball.
Hands: Terrific, gets loose balls and makes plays.
Balance: Very strong and holds off contact well.
Plays Hard: Yes, but conserves on the defensive end.
Feet: Good balance.
Pressure: The best clutch player in the draft.
Attitude: Big game player.  The bigger the game, the bigger the moment, he made the plays.
Best Case Scenario: Ben Gordon
Likely Scenario: Raymond Felton or DJ Augustin
Worst Case Scenario: Johnny Flynn, Lou Williams, or a smaller Jarrett Jack
Breakdown of Kemba Walker courtesy of Locked on Jazz
Kemba Walker 2011 Highlights courtesy of MegaViewification
Kemba Walker Hits the Game Winning Jumper... courtesy of ESPN

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