Jazz to Host Anti-Bullying, Drug Assembly for Youth

Interactive program will utilize 3D technology for student engagement
by Matt Sanchez

The Utah Jazz, in partnership with multimedia experts from Life Changing Experiences, will hold two assemblies for youth at Churchill Junior High School in Salt Lake City on Monday, Oct. 16 beginning at 8 a.m.

The event will focus on anti-bullying for sixth-graders and drug prevention for seventh-graders utilizing the interactive program, Free2B, which consists of 3D technology designed to help the participants with empathy awareness, problem solving skills and empowerment. 

The first assembly will focus on the different types of bullying while providing tools to report and offer assistance to those who experience bullying. Jazz broadcaster and 12-year NBA veteran Thurl Bailey will speak to the youth after the presentation.

The second assembly will concentrate on substance abuse and how to empower youth with better alternatives. Jazz broadcaster Alema Harrington, who is a licensed substance abuse counselor and works at Renaissance Ranch Treatment Center as a clinician, will speak to the youth about drug prevention.