Get Fit for 3v3

  1. Warmup — Light jog or jump rope 3–5 minutes

  2. RED's (1 set 15 Reps)
    Get on hands and knees
    Round back up high and drop head between elbows
    Reach stomach toward ground and head up
    Bring knees off the ground and drop heel back towards the ground and keep head between the elbows

    Take a big step in front and drop down into a lunge
    Reach both hands high overhead

  4. CAT/COW (1 SET 20 Reps)
    Get on hands and knees
    Round back high and drop head between elbows
    then drop stomach towards ground and lift head to look up in front

  5. LEG SWINGS (1 set 15 reps/leg)
    Hold on to a wall or stable object
    Swing leg as far behind and up in front as possible
    Keep a fairly straight leg
    For Lateral Swings, swing leg as far across and to side of body as possible

  6. SIDE LUNGES (1 SET 20 Reps)
    Stand with legs wide
    Bend one knee to drop to that side
    Do same on opposite side
    Lock out the knees and drop chest to the floor

  7. COUCH STRETCH (2 sets 60 sec hold/leg)
    Put back foot against wall or on a chair or couch and drop knee to ground
    Opposite leg should be forward with foot flat on ground. Hold

  8. 3-WAY ANKLE STRETCH (1 set 15 reps/leg)
    Step both feet onto a 1/2 foam roll or wedge
    Roll forward and back keeping hips straight forward but moving feet in 3 different directions with hips remaining straight forward
    1) straight forward
    2) both feet turned right
    3) both feet turned left

  9. KNEE HUGS — UP/OVER/OUT (1 SET 20 Reps)
    Balance on one foot
    Bring knee up towards chest
    Knee across towards opposite hip
    Knee out away from the body
    Keep knee high


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