Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Emptying the Noggin — Tough night for the Jazz

By David Locke, Utah Jazz

Summary: The Wolves blow out the Jazz in a game that was never close, 107-80.

  • Quin Snyder said it after the game: “We got smashed.”
  • I’m surprised by this game. I didn’t think the road trip return would lead to a dead team. The first game back from a road trip feeling like another road game is an age-old adage in the league, but I didn’t think it would happen tonight.
  • The effort to come back versus OKC must have really taken its toll. George Hill had to go 38 minutes last night because we couldn’t play without him on the floor. Tonight, he lacked any juice. The Jazz usually try to keep their guys to 33 minutes and last night he had to give up more.
  • The Timberwolves held the Jazz to 4 of 16 from three earlier this year and tonight they were 4 of 19.
  • Dante Exum had some nice moments tonight. He is showing an offensive flash and a quick first step. He is taking a lot of contact at the rim and not getting calls. When he gets stronger, you would think he will start to get calls. He was totally outclassed by Wall and Westbrook as you would expect, but tonight he showed the signs you want to see.
  • No Rodney Hood tonight.
  • This was an offensive loss — the Jazz’s offensive rating at halftime was a 75.
  • The Jazz never made any significant runs.
  • Derrick Favors had a nice bounce tonight. On a back end of a back-to-back, that is a great sign. He defended better on the floor than I have seen in a while. He got deflections. This is a big deal.

This is a tough night for the Jazz. They got blasted. There are three big games against below .500 teams coming up for the Jazz.