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Emptying the Noggin —  Perfect offense, and then…

By David Locke, Utah Jazz

Summary: The Jazz played beyond perfection offensively to take a 21-point lead in the second half, but blew it and fell to the Mavericks in overtime.

  • This is a tough one to swallow — up by 21 with 6:00 minutes left in the third quarter. Up by four points with :20 left. Up two with :17 seconds left and the ball. These are scenarios where you are supposed to win the game. Tonight, the Jazz didn’t. Give Dallas a lot of credit for staying engaged in the game despite the Jazz’s performance early and the Mavs were able to pull out their 10th win in 15 games.
  • So many things went wrong late. Rudy Gobert committed his sixth foul with :20 left up four points when trying to deny Dirk the inbounds pass. Why Gobert was playing that aggressively at that moment with five fouls is unclear. The foul on Rudy was called before the inbounds pass, so the Mavericks got a tech free throw and the ball. Dirk missed the free throw, but the Mavericks scored on the inbound in less than a second on a Barnes dunk. Then, the Mavericks doubled Hayward so he couldn’t get the inbound. The Jazz didn’t have a point guard on the floor since George Hill didn’t play and it went to Burks who lost the ball when Harris knocked it off of Alec and out of bounds.
  • The Jazz were up just two points and Gobert had fouled out of the game. The Maverick’s missed their next attempt but without the rebounding of Gobert, the ball fell out to Dirk who was at the left elbow and he nailed the shot to tie the game. Hayward missed his chance to win the game and off to overtime the Jazz went.
  • Overtime without Hill, Hood and Gobert on the back end of a back-to-back having lost a 21-point lead went pretty much exactly as you would anticipate.
  • The Mavericks got rolling against the Jazz by forcing the Jazz into switches and bringing their little guards out on the floor against a Jazz big and with a stretched floor driving to the basket and scoring. Curry had two huge baskets late when he was guarded by Gobert on the switch and got by him for layups.
  • The Mavericks went on a 30-12 run to get back in the game.
  • The Mavericks led the game by five points — 30-25 — in the second quarter and the Jazz went to Joe Johnson with Rudy Gobert. Amazingly, the Jazz scored 27 points on the next 12 possessions. That is truly incredible.
  • The Jazz continued that incredible offense into the third quarter to take the 21-point lead. At one point, the Jazz threw three straight lobs to the rim. They were having a blast and rolling. Then they lost momentum and could never got it back
  • Quin tried lineup after lineup tonight. Without Hill, the Jazz tried playing Alec and then went with Ingles and Hayward with Joe Johnson. Dante Exum didn’t fare well in his start and had a brutal sequence where he allowed Justin Anderson through the lane on a free throw for a dunk follow and then wasn’t paying attention on the inbound and Yogi Farrell stole it from him on his first bounce as Dante looked away. Shelvin never got in a rhythm either, going 1 for 4 but he did have seven assists.
  • Hayward had 36 points — his season high.

When the Jazz got hot, Joe Ingles was a large part of it with four made 3s.