Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images

Emptying the Noggin — Jazz overpower Pels

By David Locke, Utah Jazz

Summary: On the second night of the road trip, the Jazz were equally as dominant as they were in the first game of the trip, completely overpowering the New Orleans Pelicans en route to a 33-point road win, 127-94.

  • Wow! The Jazz have been crazy good the last two games. The offense is just insane right now. The Jazz have scored 247 points in eight quarters against the 4th and 8th ranked defensive teams in the NBA. The Jazz are passing, moving, executing and getting good look after good look.
  • These performances have to make you begin to wonder how good the Jazz are or can be. They are 19-4 when George and Gordon play. They have won almost half of those games by 10 or more points. They are putting out lineups in every moment that are solid and are throwing 48 minutes of high caliber basketball at opponents.
  • The Jazz are scoring in every way imaginable: They are scoring out of sets; They are scoring out of reads; They are scoring in the opening floor off the push; They are scoring when a player breaks the offense and beats his man.
  • Gordon Hayward and George Hill are breaking the offense at times and beating their man for shots at the rim. These are really important plays because teams are guarding our sets tightly, and when George or Gordon can just beat their man, the lane is open because all other defenders are attached to the man they are guarding.
  • Dante Exum and Alec Burks combined for a bench backcourt that added a spice and tempo to the Jazz’s offense. They both pushed and ran off misses and got the Jazz early opportunities.
  • Dante Exum had a really solid game tonight. He had seven first quarter points and then added another four points to finish with 11 points, three rebounds and a team-high five assists.
  • All-Star Anthony Davis was a non-factor, as was the entire Pelicans roster. Davis finished 4 of 12 from the field and had 12 points and 10 rebounds. The Jazz started Derrick Favors on him and then Rudy Gobert switched over to him for a lot of the night. Davis was never engaged and never a factor.
  • The Pelicans’ last lead was 4-3. The Jazz led by seven points after the first quarter and nine points at the half. In the first half, the Pelicans shot an unreal 17 of 21 in paint. This was not sustainable as the Jazz are the number one defensive team in the paint this season and the Pelicans are the 26th at scoring in the paint. In the second half, they were 6 of 14.
  • Joe Johnson was brilliant tonight. He has been really great in three of the last four games. When he is playing the 4, he is an offensive force that people don’t have an answer for. Before this two-game stretch, the Jazz’s offense was scoring 121 points per 100 possessions with Joe and Rudy on the floor together and Joe Johnson at the 4. The Warriors are scoring 114 and they are the best in the NBA.
  • Joe Johnson had 27 points off the bench on 10 of 14 shooting and made six threes.
  • When George Hill, Joe Ingles, Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson are on the floor together, all of them are shooting over 39% from three. How does someone guard that?
  • It was really interesting how the Pelicans reacted to the game. They were all praising the Jazz. Anthony Davis called the Jazz a great team and Motiejunas called the Jazz an example of how the Pelicans should play. Alvin Gentry called the Jazz a surgeon in the second half. Teams don’t usually do this to other teams, but the Jazz are showing how good they can be.

The Jazz might be really, really good.