Utah Jazz Drumline

The Utah Jazz Drumline brings the energy to the arena on game nights. Clad in a variety of unique hats, the Drumline performs in the stands throughout each game, bringing fans to their feet and pumping up the crowd.

Drumline Team

  • John Palmer: Tenor
  • Matt Cannon: Tenor
  • Stephen T: Tenor
  • Adam M: Snare
  • Sam P: Snare
  • Tyler J: Snare
  • C.J. Green: Snare
  • Jason Ash: Snare
  • Robert C: Snare
  • Josia P: Snare
  • Marshall T: Bass
  • Megan B: Bass
  • Penelope Li: Bass
  • Sydney S: Bass
  • Aaron Hurt: Bass
  • Josh David: Dance
  • C.J. Glover: Dance

Utah Jazz Drumline

For more information about the Utah Jazz Drumline, or to inquire about becoming a team member, please contact Carly Robbins at crobbins@utahjazz.com or 801-325-2526.


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