Drive & Dish: Utah Jazz chef Anthony Zamora dishes on fueling the Minivan, the team's pickiest eaters, and Donovan Mitchell's favorite meal

Meet the man who fuels the Minivan.

Anthony Zamora, the Utah Jazz’s head chef and registered dietician, joins Georges Niang’s Drive & Dish podcast this week to talk about feeding elite athletes, his path to the kitchen at the Zions Bank Basketball Campus, the meal Donovan Mitchell loves most, the team’s quarantine cookbook, and to reveal who is the team’s pickiest eater.

Hop in the minivan and enjoy another episode of the Drive & Dish.

A rundown of this week’s show:


1:30 — Diet advice for Georges

5:30 — The importance of cooking like grandma

7:30 — A marching band drummer sneaks into the athletes’ dining hall

9:30 — Working for the NFL’s St. Louis Rams

11:45 — Who are the healthiest and pickiest eaters on the Jazz?

13:00 — The secret (dish) to Donovan Mitchell’s heart

14:30 — The Quarantine Cookbook

18:00 — Working for the Utah Jazz

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