Jazz Enhance On-Court Look for 2015-16 Season

SALT LAKE CITY (April 1, 2015) - The Utah Jazz are excited to announce an addition to the team’s uniform set. Beginning next season, the Jazz will be the first NBA team to officially introduce Three-Quarter Court Pants, which the team will feature during select games.

The Jazz wanted to expand on the sleeved-shirt style that a handful of NBA teams have incorporated this season and came up with the idea of court pants. The team consulted with noted Italian designer Giovanni Cavellini to bring the court pants concept to life. 

Court pants represent the future in the ever-changing landscape of NBA uniforms. Continuing an evolution from the short shorts of the ‘80s to various baggier versions since the ‘90s, the Jazz are once again at the forefront of NBA fashion.

“In ten years, we will look back and laugh at the days when basketball was played in shorts rather than pants," Cavellini said. "This is an exciting day for the NBA.”

These “capri-style” pants are specifically designed to maximize both comfort and performance. Breathable and flexible, the court pants help athletes maintain an optimal body temperature thanks to an enhanced moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs up to 8.5 percent more perspiration than regular uniforms.

Three-Quarter Court Pants details:

  • Tapered fit for maximum comfort
  • 57.7% recycled polyester, 34.5% non-recycled polyester, 3.3% lycra, 1.7% velvet, 1.5% nylon, 1.3% sateen
  • Imported
  • No pockets
  • Team logo and colors

Fans can purchase official Utah Jazz Three-Quarter Court Pants beginning September 31, 2015.