CenturyLink STEM Excellence Awards

CenturyLink and Jazz Join with STEM Utah to Honor Students for Innovation Awards

  • Do you have a student that has a passion for STEM?
  • A student that has set goals and proven that they have what it takes to achieve those goals?
  • A student that knows that setting and making goals in the classroom are as important as those made on a basketball court?
  • A student that has shown great growth in the past year?

The Utah Jazz and CenturyLink are partnering with the STEM Action Center to recognize outstanding students that have demonstrated their commitment and passion for excellence in their STEM efforts in school and their community!

We are accepting nominations for your outstanding student to be recognized at a Utah Jazz game!

Nomination Process:

The nomination form must be filled out completely. Areas left blank will be disqualified and not entered into the program. All nominations must be submitted by an educator or school administrator.

Application Deadline Jazz Game
11/07/18 11/21/18
11/28/18 12/12/18
12/31/18 1/14/19
01/25/19 02/09/19
02/28/19 03/14/19
03/26/18 04/09/19

Selection Process:

A panel of passionate STEM supporters will review nominations and select the awardee that has made outstanding contributions to their peers, school or community to advance and enhance STEM learning and achievement. Winners will be selected by the STEM committee.

Award details:

The recipient of this award will receive two (2) tickets to a preselected Utah Jazz game. The student will receive on-court recognition, be featured on the scoreboard, and will be given a personalized Utah Jazz jersey.


The CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award Program ends on March 26, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. MST. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE AWARD THE WINNER MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE JAZZ GAME.

Requirements for nomination:

  • The student who receives the Utah Jazz/CenturyLink/STEM Action Center must be able to attend the designated Utah Jazz game.
  • Student must be a Utah Resident
  • Student must be in grades 6-12
  • Student must excel in STEM learning and achievement as well as encourage and assist others to do the same

Special NBA restrictions apply due to the nature of this award:

  • The student cannot be actively participating in a schools basketball program


To Nominate a Student Visit:

Read the complete rules and regulations here.

*STEM and STEM-related areas can include math, any sciences (e.g., earth, computer, biology, chemistry, environmental) pre-engineering and technology). Reading scores and grades can be taken into account for elementary student nominees.


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