For the past 21 years, Andrew D. Bernstein, the NBA's Senior Official Photographer and official Lakers and Clippers team photographer, has documented some of the greatest moments in NBA history. This season, he captured the winning photo in the 2004 Inside Stuff Rewind Challenge. It is the fourth time Bernstein has captured the winning photo. checked in with Andy to discuss the winning photo and what he expects to be shooting next season.

What is it about this photo that you like?
Bernstein: "It's shot at peak action, just before Kobe jammed it through the rim. His pose is graceful, yet athletic and powerful. I also like all the people standing in the crowd waiting for the dunk to happen."

Do you remember the play and when you shot it, did you know it was going to be a great shot?
Bernstein: "It was a break away dunk, so I had time to compose the shot and make sure it was focused and timed correctly. Luckily I shot it at just the right moment."

This shot of Kobe Bryant took home the 2004 Inside Stuff Rewind Challenge crown as NBA Photo of the Year.
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
How many angles did you attempt to get this one from?
Bernstein: "12."

Did you have other photos of yours this year that were your favorites?
Bernstein: "I liked some of my overhead shots where the camera is positioned in the catwalk high above the basket and fired by remote. I had a couple of good Kobe shots and Shaq dunks from that angle."

Kobe beat LeBron in the Photo of the Year finals. Do you see similarities in shooting both of them?
Bernstein: "I haven't shot LeBron enough to really have a handle on his game. He is extremely quick and powerful, like Kobe, although Kobe seems more graceful."

This is the third time a shot of Kobe has won Photo of the Year, tying him with Vince Carter. What is different about shooting each of those guys?
Bernstein: "Kobe has a lot more moves in his repetoire. Dunks, slashing moves to the basket, fade aways, et cetera. I like to shoot Vince, but sometmes he's frustrating to get good photos from because he 's been shooting a lot more form the outside. He dunked much more in his earlier years in the NBA."

The Lakers team will have a different makeup next year. How will that affect how you shoot?
Bernstein: "Well, first I have to learn who the players are on the roster! It should be interesting ... almost the entire team is new, including the coach and his style of play. So, it'll take some time to learn the players and the offense. But that should be a fun challenge."

Are you going to miss shooting Shaq every game? You think you'll travel to Miami?
Bernstein: "I am really going to miss the Big Fella ... he's so much fun to photograph and be around. I look forward to making some trips to Miami this season."

You were honored with an exhibition at All-Star Jam Session in Los Angeles this past year. What was that like?
Bernstein: "It was one of the highlights of my career. I had to stand back and take in the fact that I have been doing my job for a long time ... all the way back to when the players' shorts were truly short! I've been fortunate to be able to love my job and see the NBA game evolve over the years. I have many people to thank for their help in making the exhibition a reality, and I am very grateful."