What a Night at the Hive

By Quierra Luck, hornets.com

Quierra Luck is a freelance sports writer who has been featured on various sites such as BSO and WRAL Sports Fan. Quierra is an NC native  and the Charlotte Hornets have always been a hometown favorite. The opinions expressed here are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hornets organization.

If you weren’t in Charlotte last night, let’s just say you missed the one of the best games of the Miami Heat/Charlotte Hornets series. It was a tough battle between the two Eastern Conference teams, and despite the Hornets losing, they won with their fans. Kemba Walker gave it his all until the last second, but that doesn’t stop him from going into Sunday looking to do it all again.

“It’s do or die (in Game 7),” he said. “Both teams want to advance. We just have to lock back in, watch film, learn from our mistakes and be better. I think we will.”

With live festivities, music and the Honeybees taking pictures with fans, downtown Charlotte was lit up teal and purple… literally. Hoping to see this series end at home, fans were out by the thousands. Since winning three straight, the Hornets brought the playoffs back home on high momentum. Fans piled in to the stadium and with the seats laced with purple and teal “Enter the Swarm” shirts, the Arena was unified and the Hive was buzzing. There wasn’t a quiet moment as the Hornets fought relentlessly to win the game. 

By definition, hive means, “a place in which people are busily occupied.” Time Warner Cable Arena is affectionately called the Hive and once inside, you “Enter the Swarm.” Opposing teams aren’t just facing five Hornets on the court, but 20,000+. And yes, they sting.

No one got the chance to sit down and some voices were lost. 

“This has been one of the better games of the series I have seen them play,” said fan Thaddeus Williams, who could barely speak during halftime. “The fans in the uppers have been unbelievably fun. I just hope the lower level is as loud as we are."

The Hornets have already made history, winning their first playoff game in 14 years, and have the possibility of entering their second round in the same manner. With Kemba Walker playing with everything he’s got, Al Jefferson bringing back old-school NBA moves and Jeremy Lin’s great defense, this team can win. The Hornets have a Hive of angry Hornets back in Charlotte cheering for their win. This fan base is growing by the minute and with players who love their fans just as much, its pretty easy to want to sting for them when necessary. 

Win big Sunday, boys.


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