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Booking Info
Rufus makes appearances around the community for general events such as parades, festivals, corporate gatherings, schools and charities. In addition to these wide-ranging appearances, Rufus offers these specific programs:

  • Reading with Rufus
  • Air Rufus EOG / PASS Pep Assembly
  • Air Rufus Halftime Show
  • Private Birthday Parties with Rufus
  • TWC Arena Tour appearances

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The Magic of Reading with Rufus
Purpose / Overview
The The Magic of Reading with Rufus Assembly Presentation is part of the Charlotte Bobcats' "Excellence in Education" initiative. The purpose and goal of this program is for Bobcats Sports and Entertainment to demonstrate that our organization is a vested corporate citizen committed to the pursuit of Excellence in Education for all students, especially those with the greatest needs. The Bobcats would like to provide "an assistant" to one of Charlotte's most important and significant issues, educating the community's children. Through an exciting and entertaining assembly presentation, Rufus the mascot will be a strong role model for students and can influence and encourage elementary school students to read and reach their goals. Items needed for the assembly presentation: projection screen and computer cart. 45 min. school presentation including.......

  • A Bobcat's Representative speaks about the importance of reading
  • Rufus Highlight Video
  • A Rufus appearance with Magic Show and Story
  • Program designed for Elementary Schools grades 3-6.
  • Sponsored by Community Relations:
    .pdf Printable Application Form

  • Air Rufus EOG / PASS Pep Assembly
  • This Pep Assembly will encourage students to take the proper steps necessary to be successful on the End of Grade Testing (E.O.G. in North Carolina) or the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (P.A.S.S. in South Carolina). The objective is for students to be inspired by the examples set by Air Rufus (the inflatable mascot for the Charlotte Bobcats). The entertaining manor, in which the points of preparation for the tests are presented, can influence and encourage elementary and / or middle school students to do their best and reach their highest level of achievement on the examination.

  • This program includes Air Rufus highlight videos, music and dance performances that will last approximately 30-45min. The presentation emphasizes five main points.
    1. Get plenty of sleep and rest the evening before the test.
    2. Eat healthy meals leading up to the tests.
    3. Focus and concentrate on the test at hand.
    4. Be on time to school and for the test.
    5. Be confident in yourself and your test taking abilities.

  • Air Rufus will perform up to two shows a day throughout April and May. If you have any questions regarding rates and availability, please contact David Stogdill by email; When booking please specify your preference on a date and AM or PM (afternoon) time slot.(*Please note that all bookings subject to change for Bobcats games and or playoffs.)
  • Air Rufus Halftime Time Shows

  • 3 Air Character Dance Routine Performances for College times, basketball tournaments, etc.
  • Contact David Stogdill; for rates and availability.
  • Private Rufus B-Day Parties

  • 1 hour appearance with music, Rufus Van with Basketball Hoop.
  • B-Day present for the guest of honor (boy or girl)
  • Signed Autograph Rufus Photo Cards to all party guests
  • Basketball Shooting Games and Balloon Animals
  • Contact David Stogdill; for rates and availability.
  • TWC Arena Tours (Appearance occurs if Rufus is requested.)

  • 45 min. tours put on by TWC Arena.
  • 15 min. appearance at the end of the Tour.
  • Music, autographs and photos.
  • Contact Zeke Slivka; for Tour information, Rufus appearance rates and availability.

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