Hornets Unveil Uniform Schedule For 2017-18 Season

October 19, 2017 – The Charlotte Hornets today announced their uniform scripting schedule for the 2017-18 season, and revealed a series of stories and narratives related to each of their five uniforms.  The team has already unveiled four of the five uniforms that will comprise the Hornets Uniform Collection this season – the white Association Edition, teal Icon Edition, purple Statement Edition and teal Classic Edition – with the final coming soon.  Each uniform features the logo of Nike’s Jordan Brand, the eponymous collection inspired by Hornets Chairman Michael Jordan, making the Hornets the only team in U.S. professional sports with the iconic Jumpman logo on its uniforms. 

Coinciding with Nike taking over as the NBA’s uniform partner, the league has eliminated the traditional “Home” and “Road” uniform designations, instead allowing home teams to pick which uniform they will wear and visiting teams to choose a contrasting uniform within their own assortment.  In addition to the five different uniforms, teams will be able to customize even further with multiple colors of socks and tights, resulting in a total of 26 different combinations being worn by the Hornets this season.

The new uniforms are built on a refined version of the Nike Aeroswift basketball chassis.  The new chassis includes modifications to the armholes, back shoulder, seams and hemlines, as well as a material that remove moisture 30 percent faster than previous NBA uniforms.

With the ability to wear any of the five uniforms during home games at Spectrum Center, the Hornets will wear the teal Icon Edition 13 times, the white Association Edition 11 times, the purple Statement Edition eight times, the yet-to-be-revealed edition six times and the teal Classic Edition three times. 

In addition, the Hornets revealed a series of stories around the uniforms.  Through these narratives, the team aims to engage fans and allow them to connect to the various colors, as the uniform the team wears on the court will be a key portion of the in-arena experience for each game.  Following are the narratives for each of the five uniforms.

  •  represents the tradition of NBA basketball and recognizes the elite level of our players.  It is crisp and clean, symbolizing the purity of the game.  The white uniform is universal, a constant that appears in the collection of every team.  It connects Charlotte and the Hornets to the 29 other NBA franchises, providing global recognition of our place in the greatest basketball league in the world.
  • The Icon Edition represents the lifeblood of our team and our organization.  Teal belongs to the Charlotte Hornets; we own it.  Just as superheroes can be identified by iconic colors, the Hornets are known for teal.  When the Hornets brought NBA basketball to the Carolinas in 1988, the teal roots took hold and they continue to grow today.  It is a bold, vibrant color that stands out among the traditional color palettes used by other teams, just like the Hornets stand out from other teams.
  • The Statement Edition represents the mindset of our players and their desire to compete every time they step on the court.  Powerful and authoritative, our players embody the menacing nature of hornets as they impose their will on their opponents.  Purple is both strong and rich, like the rich history of basketball in Charlotte and across the Carolinas.  It is also a prestigious color, representing honor and royalty.  North Carolina is the home of basketball royalty at all levels, including decades of Hornets greats and our owner.
  • The Classic Edition represents our lineage – LJ, Zo, Muggsy, Dell.  It honors our history and acknowledges our place as the legacy of the original Charlotte Hornets.  It is a reminder of the past, of a first love who went away but ultimately returned.  In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the Hornets uniform changed the game for NBA apparel, making it more than just something to wear on the court or in the stands.  It was trend-setting and cool, located at the intersection of sports and fashion.  And now it’s back, to bring its sophistication and swagger to a new generation of Hornets fans.
  • The yet-to-be-revealed edition represents the pride of our city and the passion of our fans.  When our team and our fans come together at Spectrum Center, we become a swarm that is relentlessly focused on aggressively defending our hive.  Hornets by nature are fierce and intimidating, but also stealth.  We wait for the right moment to attack and go on the offensive, committed to representing the fans of Buzz City.