One-On-One with Dell Curry

by Quinton Wash

FOX Sports Southeast announced on Aug. 27, 2015 that Dell Curry will be returning for his seventh season as analyst on the FOX Sports Southeast telecast team, joining Eric Collins and Stephanie Ready in the broadcast booth. Matt Rochinski of caught up with Curry to talk about heading into his seventh season with the Hornets. 

On his excitement to be returning for a seventh season, as well as taking on a new role with the team:
I’m very excited, first about my new role with the Hornets as Ambassador and Special Projects Advisor. It gets me a little more involved in the Hornets and what they do. It lets me float around the office a little more freely, so I’m looking forward to that.  And then also doing what I love, just calling the games and being involved with the games on that side. I’m back for my seventh year and I’ve really enjoyed every year. I’d like to think I’ve gotten better, and it keeps me involved in the game in a certain way where I can enjoy the entertainment and relay that back to the fans.

On if, as a former player, its difficult to fight the itch to get out on the court:
Absolutely, you get the itch. You remember what it feels like, you hear the squeaking of the sneakers on the floor, remember the crunch-time situations, the pressure and the type of commitment it takes and just the competitiveness. I feel all of that as an announcer. It keeps me vibrant, keeps me alive, keeps me involved in the game and I look forward to going to the gym every night to call a game.

On how being a former player has him an effective analyst?
I think it’s a big part of how I am as an analyst. I can look and feel what a player was thinking, what he wanted to do. When I see a set run, I can anticipate what’s going to happen. I know what it’s like in the locker room, what you’re thinking about and how you want your teammates to succeed on the floor. I think being a former player and knowing what players go through on a nightly basis really is a big part of how I analyze the game.

How do Stephanie, as a former coach, and you, as a former player, see things differently?
I’m really looking forward to that, she being the former coach. She’s done a wonderful job as a sideline reporter, relaying to us in the stands what Coach Clifford and the coaching staff would like to see done in certain situations. For her to be able to relay that to the fans throughout the game in the telecast is really going to expand the type of production we’re able to put on and relay to the fans. I think we’ll get along great. Former coach, former player, you’ll get two different mindsets each and every night. I’m sure we won’t agree on everything and that’ll be the fun part of it, that we disagree and have our battles in a fun way. Hopefully the fans will be entertained throughout the game.

On Stephanie becoming the first full-time NBA game analyst:
It’s about her relentlessness to live her dream and reach what she wanted to do. She’s very patient in doing that. I’m just excited. I’m going to be there when history happens. She has passion for the game, she’s enthusiastic about the game, she knows the game, and she loves being around the players and in the arena just like I do. I’m really excited for her. I’m happy that she’s able to be the first female full-time analyst in the NBA. I’m really looking forward to working for her. I know we’ll do great along with Eric Collins, our new play-by-play guy. I’m really excited for the enthusiasm and energy we’ll bring.

On if Eric Collins knows what he’s getting into having to deal with both Stephanie and him in the booth?
Ha, that’s a good question! He’s a seasoned vet. He’s been around the game and doing what he does for a long time. I think he’ll be just fine. And we’re not overbearing. I’m really looking forward to working with him and seeing where we can take our broadcast.


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