Kaminsky Media Interview Transcript - 6/25/15

The Charlotte Hornets drafted Frank Kaminsky with the No. 9 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. The following is the transcript from Kaminsky's conference call with local media:

On whether he had a vibe that Charlotte was looking at him closely over past few days:

Yeah I did. I was actually out to dinner with my agent last night with my family when (Charlotte’s trade for Nicolas Batum) was going down. He started talking about how Charlotte had some interest in me and it felt like it kind of picked up steam. Obviously, once I heard I was going to Charlotte, I was very happy and you know, because I had heard about it from my agent and the people around me. It just feels like a fit.

On his decision to stay in college his senior year and whether it better prepared him for NBA:

Well I decided to stay in college because I knew we’d be returning a really, really good team. I wanted to try and go out on top at the college level, I wanted to go out and win that national title. I was able to play in the national championship game and came up short, but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything and it really gave me a lot of confidence, I really improved this past year in many facets of my game. Just really looking forward to continuing what I’ve already done and helping the team in any way possible.

On whether he sees himself as a four or a five:

I feel like, right now, I’m more of a four. And as my career goes on, you know, who knows? But where I’m at right now, and how I feel right now with my skills, I feel like I can really play that four role.

On what he sees that he can bring to the team next year: 

Just my versatility on the offensive end. The ability to stretch the floor, shoot from the perimeter, put the ball on the floor, I feel like I can pass the ball pretty well and make some plays on the inside. Just really looking forward to doing whatever is asked of me and what I’m given and make the most of it.

On whether or not he’s more “NBA ready” after staying four years in college: 

I feel like I’ve been ready. I had an extra year to go back and prepare. I had a pretty good junior year in college. I just watched more NBA film and worked on some things. Obviously there’s some really good players in this draft who are very advanced for their age but I’ve had to go through the struggles of not playing in college and having to work my way into the lineup and maintain that success and expectations around me this last year in college. I know there’s a lot of expectations coming into the NBA and I’m looking forward to meeting those head on. 

On what it means that Michael Jordan was reportedly very high on him:

It’s unbelievable. He’s one of my idols and you know, I’m from Chicago. Watching him playing the Bulls when I was young and having a family connection to the Bulls, I just really, really idolized him and it’s just unbelievable that he’s the one who wanted me.

On the blog post where he called the Bobcats “boring”:

You know, that was a different me. In hindsight, you’d like to take some things back. I never meant it to take shots at anyone, it was just a way for me to explain my reasoning for staying in college. But I’m happy I get the opportunity to come to the fan base and connect with them and show them what I can really do on a basketball court.

On whether he thinks Charlotte is boring:

No. I absolutely don’t.

On his connection with Michael Jordan:

My aunt worked with the Bulls so I was able to go in and see him, but I doubt he would remember me, I was a little kid at the time. I remember watching him play and I had his posters, I still do. They’re still at my house. It was all him on my wall. I really, really idolized him and a lot of the players on the Bulls. It’s just so surreal that it was him who was speaking so highly of me and wanted me on his team. 

On whether or not he met Michael Jordan growing up:

I did. Nothing like I was hanging out or anything, just in passing.

On how this past year has readied him for the NBA:

This past year has really prepared me. Just how many expectations were on me this season and how I feel I lived up to a lot of them. I can really use that going forward. You know, I’m just so excited that I get the opportunity to play in Charlotte and try and compete at the highest level.

On what he has to say to those who thought Charlotte should have selected Justise Winslow:

I feel like you’re getting a good player. You’re getting somebody who can win, a guy that’s willing to compete and come in and get better every single day. And I really want to bring a winning attitude and do whatever I can to help the team.