About The Program

Jr. Hornets program partnered with various North and South Carolina youth basketball programs YMCA’s and Park and Recs to offer the youth of these communities a rewarding basketball experience.

Complimentary Ticket

Thank you for participating in the Junior Hornets Program! Enjoy your COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to a Hornets home game this season!


Sponsored by Gatorade, the Jr. Hornets program is a vehicle to build character, promote passion for the game and nurture sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work, integrity, self-esteem and goal setting.

Member Leagues

Looking for a league or team to join in your area? Click below to view a list of current Jr. Hornets Member Leagues. You'll find locations, contact names, phone numbers and emails here.

Discounted Tickets

Special tickets offers for Jr. Hornets participants family and friends. Use special offer code STING

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