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Opening Night Game Action Shots
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by Quinton Wash

By Alan D. Becker, Norsan Media

A little over 14 years ago, I moved to Charlotte.  My first weekend here I was invited to a basketball game, so I went to the old coliseum.  Let me say that it was my first live game ever – so who was playing? The Hornets against Miami. The Hornets won by two points, and I became a fan of the local team – the team from the city that had just welcomed me a couple days earlier. I was becoming a Charlottean.

Today I come full circle.  After 12 years away, the Hornets are back in Charlotte, and this time they are entering through the front door to a house that the Bobcats didn’t rock. Time Warner Cable Arena now has some minor changes that help make us remember the not-so-distant times. The court has a Hornets hive design. At center court, the Hornets logo showed his shiny stinger. Hugo was dressed to impress in teal and purple while waving a huge flag. On the screens, a video showing the Hornets ready to take over Charlotte and the arena got the crowd pumped. The players – a nice mix of rookies, younger players like Kemba Walker and Cody Zeller and veterans – are ready to play their best for MJ, the greatest player of them all and only former player who has been able to become an owner in the NBA. The team is ready to give its best for Charlotte. For the old fans that still remember the old Hornets, all those great memories they left behind in the Queen City, the new Hornets will try to emulate and make better.

Opening Night for the new Hornets was electrifying and emotional. The national anthem by Darius Rucker was heart felt. In the stands, all the fans wearing tuxedo T-shirts while thinking about the future that this Hornets team can bring. We all dream of M.J. getting his 7th ring, this time as an owner, and Charlotte it’s first professional basketball title. This is a sport that fills North Carolina with emotions at all levels.

The Hornets and I are part of history. Every one of you that enjoyed their return are also a part. Let’s support our Hornets. Lets write a new chapter of our history together. Let’s support our players and help them to play at their best. We must occupy all 21,000 seats at Time Warner Cable Arena at every home game and defend our nest like swarming Hornets ready for anything!

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