HSE Staff Directory

Hornets Basketball LLC
333 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 704.688.8600
Ticket Information: 704.HORNETS

Chairman - Michael Jordan
Executive Assistant to the Chairman - Tina Parker
Managing Partner & Alternate Governor - Curtis J. Polk
Office of the Chairman - Estee Portnoy
President, Vice Chairman & Alternate Governor - Fred Whitfield
Senior Director of Administration - Elizabeth Clagon
President of Basketball Operations & General Manager - Mitch Kupchak
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - James R. Jordan
Manager of Business Operations - Eliza Harrigan

Basketball Operations

Assistant General Manager/Greensboro Swarm President of Basketball Operations – Buzz Peterson
Head Coach – James Borrego
Assistant Coach – Jay Triano
Assistant Coach – Chad Iske
Assistant Coach – Ronald Nored
Assistant Coach/Director of Player Development – Jay Hernandez
Assistant Coach – Dutch Gaitley
Assistant Coach – Nate Mitchell
Player Development Coach – Nick Friedman
Senior Director of Basketball Operations – Kathryn Karakus
Director of Analytics & Strategy – George Rodman
Director of Basketball Strategy/Team Counsel – David Duquette
Director of Player Personnel – Larry Jordan
Director of Player Programs/Player Development Assistant – Matt Carroll
Director of Health Care & Sports Performance – Joe Sharpe
Associate Head Athletic Trainer – Quinton Sawyer
Assistant Athletic Trainer – Aaron Karkow
Director of Sports Science – Lauren McGuigan
Strength & Conditioning Coach – Adam Linens
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – Jason Meiring
Director of Rehabilitation – Powell Bernhardt
Equipment Manager – Jason Rivera
Head Video Coordinator – Jordan Surenkamp
Assistant Video Coordinator – Garrius Adams
Assistant Video Coordinator – Jackson Simmons
Director of Pro Scouting – Drew Perry
Director of International Scouting – Jakub Kudlacek
Scout – Anthony Gacona
Scout – Kevin Grevey
Scout – Justin Jordan
Scout – Gary Sacks
Scout – Jordan Wilkes
Scout – Richie Wrase
Team Physician – Dr. Marcus Cook
Team Physician – Dr. Joe Garcia
Team Dentist – Dr. Larry Seitlin
Director of Team Security – Anthony Datcher
Manager of Team Security – Muriel Howell
Manager of Basketball Strategy/Assistant Team Counsel – Jon Moul
Head of Quantitative Analysis & Development – Alexander Powell
Coordinator of Basketball Administration – Andrew Dozer
Coordinator of Basketball Operations – Phil Park

Chief Revenue Officer - Jacob Gallagher
Manager of Revenue Operations - Tina Courtney

Business Intelligence

Vice President of Business Intelligence – Chris Zeppenfeld
Senior Director of Business Intelligence – Trevor Corbin
Manager of CRM & Email Marketing – Shawn-Marie Heiliger
Senior Business Analyst – Sophia Kim
Business Analyst – Morgan Hoeft
Coordinator of CRM – Joseph Russo
Email Marketing Analyst – Stafford Braxton
Email Marketing Analyst – Paige Hughes


Vice President of Partnerships – Justin Compton
Senior Director of Partnership Activation – Liz Porter
Director of Partnership Development – Daniel Caudy
Director of Partnership Development – Mike Dinerman
Manager of Partnership Development – Travis Misner
Senior Account Manager, Partnership Activation – Kristen Ridener
Account Manager, Partnership Activation – Wade Davenport
Account Manager, Partnership Activation – Zach Houston
Account Manager, Partnership Activation – Natalie Nelson


Vice President of Ticket Operations – Andrew Shure
Vice President of Ticket Sales & Services – Drew Praster
Senior Director of Group Sales & Inside Sales – Theresa Power
Director of Premium & Membership Services – Cedric Roberts
Director of Premium Sales and Luxury Sales & Services – Will Bardaglio
Senior Manager of Membership Sales – Alexandria Anneheim
Manager of Inside Sales – Zach Kaytes
Manager of Suite Sales – Colin Riley
Manager of Ticket Operations – Nikki Mirth
Coordinator of Ticket Operations – Elizabeth Brooks
Account Executive, Group Sales – Kevin Cobb
Account Executive, Group Sales – AnnaGrace Foell
Account Executive, Group Sales – Emily Kessler
Account Executive, Group Sales – Scott Marquardt
Account Executive, Group Sales – Shelby Palubiak
Account Executive, Group Sales – Steven Tacchi
Account Executive, Group Sales – Fabian Truss
Account Executive, Membership Sales – Nicholas Gonet
Account Executive, Membership Sales – Korey Kennedy
Account Executive, Membership Sales – Jeffrey LaCoste
Account Executive, Membership Sales – Daniel Tsuei
Account Executive, Premium Sales – Ryan Ferguson
Account Executive, Premium Sales – David Mason
Account Executive, Premium Sales – Scott Walters
Account Manager, Luxury Services – Alexis Brunk
Account Manager, Luxury Services – Lyndsey Hutchens
Senior Account Manager, Premium Membership Services – Derrick Crump
Account Manager, Membership Services – Joseph Freeman
Account Manager, Membership Services – Audrey Stapleton
Account Manager, Membership Services – Andrea Velasco
Inside Sales Consultant – Kimberlee Hotzelt
Inside Sales Consultant – Adam McDonald
Inside Sales Consultant – Andrea Miller
Inside Sales Consultant – Ryan Pope
Inside Sales Consultant – Quinton Redett
Inside Sales Consultant – Tyler Wimber
Inside Sales Consultant – Blake VonCannon

Senior Vice President of Consumer Engagement - Seth Bennett
Senior Coordinator of Consumer Engagement – Ashley Heafy

Creative Services

Senior Director of Creative Services – Kris Bazen
Senior Graphic Designer – Reshad Brown
Graphic Designer – Chris Jelley
Graphic Designer – Amy Monks
Coordinator of Creative Projects – Nikki Tolido

Fan Experience

Vice President of Fan Experience – Jason Simon
Director of Game Presentation – Emily Ladd
Director of Technical Operations – Kelly Heddleson
Manager of Event Presentation – Jessica Alfaro
Manager of Technical Operations – Eric Lantz
Senior Graphic Animator & Designer – Kathy Schmid
Coordinator of Game Presentation – Jennifer Sartorio
Coordinator of Special Appearances – Aidan Charlery


Senior Director of Marketing – Liz Ralon Rackoff
Director of Marketing Projects – Ron Chase
Senior Manager of Marketing – Ally Oelerich
Manager of Consumer Engagement – Ed Ibarguen


Director of Retail Operations – Dave Cromar
Senior Manager of Retail Operations – Lewis Hagerman
Manager of Retail Warehouse – Michael Dill
Coordinator of Retail Operations – Dennis Purnell

Chief Communications Officer - Mike Cristaldi


Senior Director of Corporate Communications – Josh Rosen
Director of Basketball Communications – Brian Travis
Manager of Basketball Communications – Maggie Yang
Senior Coordinator of Basketball Communications – Natalie Breneman

Corporate Social Responsibility

Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility/Executive Director of Charlotte Hornets Foundation – Betsy Mack
Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility – Tiara Brown
Manager of Literacy Programs – Dave Stogdill
Senior Coordinator of Charlotte Hornets Foundation – Bari Pasternack
Senior Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility – Gabrielle Sims

Digital Media

Senior Director of Digital Media – Matt Rochinski
Director of Production – Kyle Kebert
Manager of Digital Development – Quinton Wash
Manager of Social Media – Diana Biffl
Senior Producer – James Ziegelbauer
Senior Coordinator of Digital Media Production – Jace Darling
Producer – Cornell Jones
Coordinator of Digital Media Content – Sam Perley
Coordinator of Social Media – Wesley Robinson
Digital Media Designer – Jesse Diebolt
Associate Producer – Nick Bolick
Associate Producer – Elliott Stark


Chief Financial Officer – Travis Ferguson
Controller – Jim Dunlevy
Director of Financial Analysis – Graham Pitt
Manager of Accounting – Nadia Thomas
Manager of Finance & Accounting – Adriene Goree
Coordinator of Finance – Logan Fuller

Human Resources

Senior Director of Payroll – Poppy Graham
Director of Human Resources – Stephanie Hurren
Senior Coordinator of Human Resources – Kirsten Burney
Coordinator of Payroll – Hannah Garrison
Talent Acquisition Specialist – Amy Glamuzina
Benefits Specialist – Nikita Smith

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer – Ronnie Bryant
Information Technology Administrator – Michael Lee
Coordinator of Information Technology – Aviona Clark

Legal Affairs

Chief Legal Officer – Joe Pierce
Assistant General Counsel – Marcus LeBeouf

Strategic Initiatives & Innovation

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation – Kate Hussmann
Product Manager – Carly Callans

Executive Vice President & Spectrum Center General Manager - Donna Julian
Coordinator of Arena Management – Jazmyne Blanding

Arena Management

Vice President of Arena & Event Operations – Trista Langdon
Director of Booking & Events – Dan Bain
Senior Manager of Events – Daniel Zeregaber
Manager of Arena & Event Operations – Alex MacKenzie
Coordinator of Events – Brittney Wilson
Mailroom – Eddie Belk
Mailroom – Bryan Williams

Arena Security

Vice President of Arena Security & Public Safety – Freddrick Richardson
Manager of Arena & Event Security – Patricia McMullen
Executive Entrance Security Officer – Casher Holt Jr.

Guest Experience

Senior Vice President of Guest Experience – Marlene Hendricks
Senior Manager of Arena Marketing – Ereka Brim
Manager of Arena Marketing – Adeja Spain
Manager of Box Office – Freddie Nunez Jr.
Manager of Guest Experience – Melanie Freiria
Manager of Guest Experience – LaShae Ingram
Coordinator of Guest Experience – Ben Hueston

Special Advisors

Hornets Ambassador and Special Projects Advisor – Muggsy Bogues
Hornets Ambassador and Special Projects Advisor – Dell Curry
Special Advisor for Community Tickets – Sporty Jeralds

President, Greensboro Swarm – Steve Swetoha

Basketball Operations

General Manager – Cam Twiss
Athletic Trainer – Tyler Lesher
Strength & Conditioning Coach – Andre Mattson
Manager of Player Development & Basketball Operations – Daniel Goose

Business Operations

Manager of Business Administration – Christina Corbin
Manager of Communications – Justin Trujillo
Manager of Marketing & Game Presentation – Colby Thompson
Manager of Partnership Development – Donna Yeung
Manager of Ticket Sales – Ellery Price
Coordinator of Corporate Sales – Griffin Foster
Account Executive – Rafael Kapell
Account Executive – Skyler Perkins
Account Executive – Harrison Savage

Hornets Venom GT

Head Coach & General Manager – Lawrence “BiggWest” West
Manager of Marketing & Team Operations – Brian “NachoTraynor” Traynor

Hornets Game Night Statistical Crew

Game Clock Operator – Richard Ward
Shot Clock Operator – Mark Arcilesi
Scoreboard Operator – Kevin Earp
Shot Clock/Scoreboard Operator – Tony Folden
Official Scorer – Michael Harwood
Statistician – Paul Denny
Statistician – David Hixon
Statistician – Greg Miller
Statistician – Malinda Murray
Talent Stats – Frank Kay
Talent Stats – Bill Magrath
Game Night Staff – Laura Adkins
Game Night Staff – Alexis Broome
Game Night Staff – Carlisle Hamrick
Game Night Staff – Monica Lewis
Game Night Staff – Ross Wyszomierski
Public Address Announcer – Patrick Doughty


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