#HornetsNickNight a Huge Hit

By Quierra Luck, hornets.com

90's Nickelodeon Night GIF Recap | Win a #HornetsNickNight Pack | #HornetsNickNight Fan Gallery

Quierra Luck is a freelance sports writer who has been featured on various sites such as BSO and WRAL Sports Fan. Quierra is an NC native  and the Charlotte Hornets have always been a hometown favorite. The opinions expressed here are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hornets organization.

We all know the 90’s was the best decade… right? From toys, clothing, and of course this little thing you’re on right now, the internet, the 90’s were a time that’s hard to forget. So hard in fact that it seems the 90’s are reinventing themselves right in front of our eyes.

Growing up, Nickelodeon was easily a part of my routine. The television series they provided were not only funny, but also reflective to my life. From TV shows like “Doug,” that starred a kid moving to a new town and struggled with his identity, to “Rugrats,” who implemented everything from blending families to being brave enough to face your fears, Nickelodeon had it all. As time moved on and millennials got older, the shows died off and in came the wave of new shows for the next generation, but one thing corporations didn’t count on was the continued love for nostalgic 90’s.

One of those major networks, Nickelodeon, saw that the demand was too high to not revive some of our favorite shows. After countless campaigns and online calls to bring back the old shows, Nickelodeon created “The Splat,” which is a division that’s dedicated to all things 90’s. Nick brought back shows “Doug,” “Rugrats,” “The Wild Thornberrys,” “Hey Dude,” and countless others! The shows air all week between the hours of 10:30pm-6am.

The Hornets, who like to go above for their fans, decided to do something a little different and hosted “90’s Night” and it was nothing short of amazing. I don’t think anyone anticipated the event to be as big as it was! The Hornets and Splat! provided   everything you love about the 90’s such as the “SNICK” orange chair and official game pieces from “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and “Double Dare.” What more could you want from the 90’s? Oh, how about the star of “Kenan and Kel,” Kel Mitchell and the host of “Figure It Out,” Jeff Sutphen?! The Hornets pulled out all the stops and brought you back in time. Wait… there’s one more thing I’m forgetting, the most important guest at the Hive? Slime!!!!

The feeling at Time Warner Cable Arena was nostalgic. Fans not only witnessed a blowout game, but also played games themselves! During halftime, Jeff and Kel, brought out the set of “Double Dare” and two teams of four competed against each other for prizes. Talk about a halftime show. If I can make you a little more jealous, a group of young ladies stuffed their faces in pies looking for slime, only to find out there wasn’t any in the pie, but yes, you guessed it, above their heads and at Jeff’s signal, it poured all over them. Lets not forget the Honey Bees, who had their own special 90’s segment with the “Rugrats” starring Chuckie, Angelica and the bravest baby alive, Tommy.

With a Chuckie Hornets shirt in tow, if you’re one of the few that got the chance to snag one, “90’s Night” was a win for the 90’s kid. And one more little detail, a 90’s kid helped lead the Hornets to a blow out win – Kemba Walker. What can I say? The 90’s produced quality that we just can’t get enough of. 


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