Chad Hunt
Camp Director

Chad has played and coached at every level. At Lake Erie College, (Painesville, OH, NCAA Div 2) he excelled as both a player and then as an assistant coach. He also played professionally in the ABA (Cleveland Rockers) and overseas (Team USA Select). Since 2009, he has been a camp director and basketball trainer, training players of all ages and skills levels, including several college and NBA players. Chad has a passion for teaching the game and helping players improve.


February – April (Please click the “Register” button to see specific dates)


Wednesdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
4:00pm - 4:30pm: Early Elementary: Ages 5+ (Intro and Rec)


Tuesdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
4:30pm - 5:30pm: Late Elementary: Ages 8+ (Rec and Competitive)

Wednesdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
4:30pm - 5:30pm: Late Elementary: Ages 8+ (Rec and Competitive)

Wednesdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
4:00pm - 5:00pm: Late Elementary: Ages 8+ (Rec and Competitive)



Tuesdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
4:30pm - 6:30pm: Middle School: Ages 12+ (Competitive)

Thursdays @ Levine JCC of Charlotte
5:00pm - 6:00pm: Middle School: Ages 12+ (Competitive)


Email for Appointment

Group Training Pricing and Package Options (Limited Availability, First Come First Serve)

All training led by Coach Chad Hunt. unless noted on registration link. Please check registration links for specific dates of availability

1 Group Training Session: $40

5 Group Training Sessions: $185 ($37 per workout) Package expires after 6 weeks from date of purchase

7 Group Training Sessions: $245 ($35 per workout) Package expires after 8 weeks from date of purchase

10 Group Training Sessions: $300 (Best Value: $30 per workout - Save $100 Package expires after 11 weeks from date of purchase

You can mix and match workouts – not required to be on the same day, time, or location. For example, an elementary player could train on Tuesday and Wednesday each if desired. All groups are limited to 8 players unless noted.

Individual Sessions (1-on-1 Training): $75 per session

Private 1 -on- 1 Sessions are subject to availability. Please email for potential options

Registration and Payment

In order to register, please click the “Register” button with the corresponding day and time of your choice, and choose desired dates. You can pay with PayPal or Venmo, or you can pay with cash or check (make payable to "Hornets Basketball") when you arrive to the training session.


For all training questions and inquiries, please email Chad Hunt at

Q: Can I invite my child’s friends to the training?
-Yes, as long as they fit group requirements for age and skill level.

Q: Could Coach Hunt train a private group of my child’s friends/classmates/teammates?
-Yes. Pending Chad’s availability, there could be options for an additional time/location for a private group consisting only of your child’s peers.

Q: Could I watch a training session before I sign up?
-Yes. You are welcome to come watch a training session for no charge.

Q: Could Coach Hunt run a practice for my child’s team?
-Yes. Subject to availability, Chad could run a team practice at your gym or at the Levine JCC.

Q: Could Coach Hunt train my child at our house?
-Due to a busy schedule, it is unlikely that Chad will have time to make house visits for basketball training, except on rare occasions.

Q: Where do you offer private 1-on-1 lessons?
-Private lessons are held at an indoor gym in the Cotswold area of Charlotte, about 5 minutes from uptown.

Q: What is Coach Chad Hunt’s basketball background?
Please see info about Coach Chad Hunt here

Training Skill Level Categories

Intro: Player has little or no experience playing basketball and has LESS THAN ONE YEAR of experience playing in any organized leagues or camps

Rec: Player has some experience playing basketball and has AT LEAST ONE YEAR of experience playing in organized leagues or camps

Competitive: Player has significant basketball experience, playing for AT LEAST THREE YEARS in leagues, camps, or for his/her school team

Training Options

Individual ($75): 1-on-1 personal training for ages 5 and up. All skill levels welcome. All sessions are customized to the player’s individual needs and goals on the basketball court. Please email for availability.

Group ($40): Anywhere between 2 and 8 players with varying age ranges and skill levels specified below. At least 3 baskets will be available to ensure each player will receive plenty of repetitions. A wide range of fundamentals will be taught and depending on numbers, structured and competitive games such as 3-on-3 will often be played at the end of the workout.

Skills and Play (Simulated Team Practice): Max 12 players. This is a 90-minute workout that seeks to provide a team-oriented practice environment in combination with traditional skill development. The first hour will focus primarily on individual skill-work while the last 30 minutes will emphasize team concepts and competitive/structured 5-on-5 games as well as other team drills. This is an ideal program for young kids who are not yet heavily involved with AAU teams and leagues as it presents an opportunity to apply the skills they learn in a team setting.

Team Workouts: A workout specified to the needs of your team (AAU, School, etc.).  Call or email for rates and availability.

Training Emphasis

Every training session is specifically tailored to the individual player, but there will always be an emphasis on the fundamentals. A training session could include any or all of the following:

Shooting: NBA shooting mechanics (the secret of most great NBA shooters that coaches rarely teach), mental aspects of shooting, catch and shoot, shooting off screens, off the dribble, developing quick release, developing range, and many other shooting drills and techniques proven to help players make more shots

Ball Handling: NBA attack moves, stationary drills, on-the-move drills, combo moves, two-ball dribbling, tennis ball dribbling, step-back moves, hesitation moves and changing speeds, learning how to be “shifty”, and many other high-level dribbling drills to achieve “handles on a string”

Offensive Footwork and Movement: NBA “triple threat” series, cuts to get open, reading screens, reading defenses, pick and roll, and other secrets to becoming an unstoppable offensive player

Finishes at the Basket: Basic lay-ups, creating contact to draw fouls, tuck lay-ups, power lay-ups, long lay-ups, euro step, pro-hop, side-hop, spin, pass-fake lay-ups, floaters, and other ways to finish around the basket with more efficiency and less offensive fouls

Defensive Footwork and Positioning: Man-to-man principles, zone principles, perimeter defense, post defense, being in position to get steals and make plays, and many other techniques to becoming a “lock-down” defender

Passing: Using either hand to pass, look-off passes, pocket passing, behind the back passing, interior and exterior passing, and many other drills to perfect passing and limit turnovers

Guard Drills: Beating full-court pressure, beating traps, setting up teammates, attacking in straight lines, communicating and being a leader, and many other drills and philosophies to become an elite guard

Post Drills: NBA post moves, making deep catches, reading post defense, rebounding technique and positioning, and much more for an unguardable inside game

Explosion, Quickness, Agility, Endurance: Box jumps, line jumps, one and two-foot jumping, ladder drills, sprints, slides, core strength drills, and other drills to improve athleticism and conditioning on the court

Work Ethic, Goals, Dedication, and Mental Approach: Pushing player out of comfort zone, demanding maximum effort, playing with confidence, developing high “basketball IQ”, specific goals (long-term and short-term) and specific drills/fundamentals to work on at home


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