Four Days, 9 a.m-4 p.m., ages 7-14, coed

Hornets Hoops Camp Health and Safety Protocols
Post June 1st State Guidance Update

Max capacity indoors: 80

Camp Rules under relaxed Covid-19 Regulations

Camps will be held at 80% capacity with select safety measures in place. We will be operating under the guidelines provided by CDC, state, local and NBA officials. This will include the following rules:

  1. Campers must complete a daily health questionnaire.
  2. Campers will be encouraged to maintain good hygiene and wash their hands frequently.
  3. Campers will be given their basketball on the first day. They will use their basketball for all drills. Basketballs will be sanitized and stored daily.
  4. Campers must bring their own water bottles. Water coolers will not be available.
  5. Campers cannot share cups or water bottles.
  6. Campers will be required to use hand sanitizer before the start of each camp session and after it ends.
  7. Campers will be expected to keep the social distance of at least three feet. Our coaches will have the responsibility of maintaining social distancing.
  8. Campers will be assigned to a specific group on the first day of camp and must stay in that group throughout the camp week.
  9. Each camper is required to bring a face mask and have it on at check-in through the time they leave. Face masks will be required to be worn during drills and activities.

Staff Members must provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test within 48 hours of the start of the event. If a staff member is unable to provide one or the other, they will not be able to work camp that week. All staff must complete a daily health questionnaire.

All team members at Hornets Hoops Camp have an active role in the cleaning and hygiene of the venue. At a minimum, all team members will be trained and knowledgeable on the following:

  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Basic Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Hazard Communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Illness Protocol

Any individual that shows symptoms of illness during an event at camp will be asked to immediately exit the building or will be sent to an isolation room within the venue with medical personnel on site.

  • Upon arriving at an isolation room, the individual will undergo evaluation by medical personnel
  • This screening will include a temperature and wellness check, regardless of whether the individual completed one upon entering the arena.
  • If medical personnel are not on site at the time the individual begins showing symptoms of illness, the individual will be asked to exit the building immediately and notify their supervisor.
  • Once the potentially infectious individual has been isolated or has left the building, the affected areas of the arena will be closed until further notice.
  • If a positive test is confirmed, HR/Legal will be notified to identify next steps.
  • Hornets Hoops will work in coordination with local health officials to assist in all facets of the contact tracing process.

Skills Stations, Breakdown Drills, and Instructional Lectures

  • Shooting mechanics and footwork, ball handling, defense, rebounding, mental approach, and more

Competitive Games

  • 5-on-5, 3-on-3, 1-on-1, Advantage Tournament, Shooting Contests, Skills Challenge
  • Individual and team awards

Qualified Coaches

  • All coaches are background checked and must be current or former players at the college level or higher AND/OR current coaches at the high school level or higher. Our camp coaches love to teach the game and do so with energy and enthusiasm.

Camp Swag Bag

  • Ticket voucher to a Hornets regular season game
  • Official Spalding “Maximum Performance” NBA basketball with Hornets logo
  • Exclusive Hornets jersey

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We offer summer, winter and spring break camps at many locations throughout the Carolinas

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June 21-24 Hornets Hoops Summer Camps: Myers Park Presbyterian Outreach Center Register Now
June 28-30 Hornets Hoops Summer Camps: Myers Park Presbyterian Outreach Center Register Now
July 12-15 Hornets Hoops Summer Camps: Myers Park Presbyterian Outreach Center Register Now
July 12-15 Hornets Hoops Player Camp: Fort Mill High School Register Now
July 26-30 Hornets Hoops Summer Camps: Fort Mill High School Register Now
August 2-5 Hornets Hoops Summer Camps: Myers Park Presbyterian Outreach Center Register Now

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