Hornets Celebrating City Series with Local Collaborations

by Sam Perley

While the Hornets will be donning their new City Edition uniforms for the first time tonight against the visiting Brooklyn Nets, fans in attendance will also have the opportunity to snag some unique, one-of-a-kind Charlotte-inspired apparel as well.

For each of the team’s five home City Series games this year, the organization will be partnering with a different local retail company to create products aligning their respective brands and the Hornets. Glory Days is up first, followed by Girl Tribe Co. (Feb. 8 vs. Dallas), then Black Sheep Skate Shop (March 1 vs. Milwaukee), Social Status (March 19 vs. Philadelphia) and lastly with 704 Shop (April 11 vs. Washington).

“The idea is that there’s so many cool apparel brands in Charlotte and so many cool designers that people already have affinity for and wear a lot,” said Zach Houston, Manager of Creative Services at the Charlotte Hornets. “In some cases, they are already using Hornets-themed likenesses, so it became a natural thing to collaborate on something.”

Tonight’s game marks the first time in franchise history that the Hornets have worn gray as a primary color on any game uniform. The abbreviation ‘CHA’, which was first introduced with the purple statement jerseys earlier this season, is being utilized on the chestplate again and the traditional cell pattern is running down the sides of the top and shorts. The partial primary logo is on the side of the shorts and the Buzz City logo is centered on the waistband.

Each of these aforementioned brands were chosen because of their commitment to quality, artistic perspective and wide-ranging appeal and popularity. Much like wearing a jersey color other than white, teal, purple or black, these City Series projects are a relatively new endeavor for the organization as it looks to continue fostering and cultivating relationships with local businesses in the surrounding areas.

“It’s something we haven’t ever done before,” Houston added. “We’ve never really done an outside collaboration with a local brand. For me, I’ve always felt like the team is the team and it’s an entity, but it’s really owned collectively in essence by the community and the fans. Anytime you can collaborate with someone who has helped that fandom, appreciation and affinity move forward, it elevates their brand to a larger platform and shows we support and appreciate them. That’s what’s really exciting.”

The focus of the City Series nights is to ultimately connect and incorporate unique elements of the city into the atmosphere and ambiance of a Charlotte Hornets basketball game. These exclusive collaborations will be available for purchase only in the Hornets Fan Shop with a handful also given away during games and on social media.

“It’s exciting because the essence of a City Night is celebrating the aspects of local culture, whether that be fashion, commerce, music, food, all that stuff. You’re elevating these local brands that really contribute to the fabric of what that culture is. To me, that’s what a City Night should really be about and that’s what the City jersey to an extent, represents year to year, in terms of unique story telling.”


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