Cody Zeller Draft Night Interview Transcript

Cody Zeller Draft Night Interview Transcript

Cody Zeller Draft Night Interview Transcript

June 27, 2013

(Opening remarks)
I’m very excited to be a part of the Bobcats organization. I’m ready to bring in my good work ethic - they’ve got a great group of hardworking guys there already and I have a lot of respect for the organization. During my visit down (to Charlotte) I got to meet a few of (the other players) and I think the team and program is headed in the right direction.

(You were the only player that the Bobcats brought in to go through a full workout - What kind of feedback did you get from (the executives and coaching staff) afterwards and what do you think it was that made them fall in love with you and draft you number four?)

I had a good workout (in Charlotte). They got a chance to know me personally, take me out to dinner and get to know me as a person off the court. You never know what’s going to happen with the draft and I’m glad that I ended up in Charlotte.

(At what point in time did you get the feeling that you were (the Bobcats’) guy?)
Not at all (beforehand), I knew they liked me. Everyone has been asking me what advice my brothers or agent have given me and one of the things that Tyler told me was that my agent would tell me 30 seconds or a minute before (it was announced) that the team was picking me, but my agent was messing with me and didn’t tell me anything so I thought that Charlotte had passed on me. When David Stern announced my name it was literally the first time I had heard anything about it.

(You’re not keeping that agent are you?)
(Laughing) We’re always messing around with each other. I’ve pulled plenty of stuff on him so he was getting a little payback.

(Can you talk about where you think you stand and don’t stand with where you’re ready to contribute to an NBA team right now?)
I’m going to come in with a great work ethic, which I think will help the team. I’m going to work the same whether it’s the day before a game, the day of a game or the day after a game. I’m going to come in, work hard and get better. I know I have a lot to learn as a rookie but I’m going to come in with an open mind and be ready to learn from day one.

(Have they talked to you about adding some bulk to your frame?)
Yeah that’ll be a big adjustment for me because guys in the NBA are so much bigger and stronger (than in college). Growing up with Luke and Tyler (his brothers), I’ve always been a little bit undersized but I make up for it with how hard I play. I think people are surprised by how strong I am when they play against me just because I don’t have the biggest frame when you look at me, but I make up for it with how hard I play.

(What (weight) would you like to get up to?)
I could put on 15 or 20 pounds as long as I keep my speed and quickness because that’s what sets me apart.

(What do you think are your strong points that you can bring to this team right off the bat?)
My work ethic, which I mentioned a little early, but also my quickness and athleticism are unique for a big guy so I’ll be able to bring that to the Bobcats. I’m looking forward to playing with Kemba Walker and (Michael) Kid-Gilchrist. (The Bobcats) have a lot of young guys that are hardworking like myself and I’m excited to get there and start learning.

(When you talked to Rich (Cho) and Rod (Higgins) after you were selected did they give you any indication of where they think you fit in here?)
I think I’m going to fit in well. (The Bobcats) have a young group of hard working guys and that’s exactly what I am. I think I fit in well with what they have there, a lot of good character guys as well, I’m looking forward to getting there and getting to know my teammates.