333 East Trade Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704.688.8600
Ticket Information: 704.BOBCATS


Chairman - Michael Jordan
Executive Assistant to the Chairman - Tina Parker
Vice Chairman - Curtis J. Polk
Office of the Chairman - Estee Portnoy
President, Chief Operating Officer & Alternate Governor - Fred Whitfield
President of Basketball Operations - Rod Higgins
General Manager - Rich Cho
Executive Vice President, Operations - Ronnie Jordan
Senior Director, Administration - Liz Clagon

Basketball Operations

Head Coach - Steve Clifford
Associate Head Coach - Patrick Ewing
Assistant Coach - Bob Beyer
Assistant Coach - Mark Price
Assistant Coach - Stephen Silas
Assistant Coach - Bob Weiss
Director, Basketball Operations - Kathryn Karakus
Director, Player Personnel - Larry Jordan
Director, Player Programs - Chris Whitney
Director, Scouting - Scott Howard
Director, International Scouting - Adam Filippi

Director, Pro Scouting - Todd Quinter
Director, Advance Scouting - Drew Perry
Director, Basketball Analytics - Jason Rosenfeld
Scout - Anthony Gacona
Scout - Dickey Simpkins
Scout - Jim Thrash
Scout - Francis Williams
Head Athletic Trainer - Steve Stricker
Strength & Conditioning Coach - Matt Friia
Assistant Athletic Trainer - Dennis Williams

Head Equipment Manager - Jason Rivera
Assistant Equipment Manager - James McCullough
Team Physician - Dr. Marcus Cook
Team Physician - Dr. Joe Garcia
Team Dentist - Dr. Larry Seitlin
Team Psychologist - Dr. Darren Treasure
Team Opthamologist - Dr. Joe Krug, Horizon Eye Care
Coaching Associate - Adam Glessner
Video Scout - Rick Higgins
Video Scout - Joey Levin
Quantitative Analyst/Systems Developer - Brian Clouser
Quantitative Analyst/Systems Developer - Angus Mitchell
Quantitative Analyst/Systems Developer - Ben Woldenberg
Basketball Operations Assistant - David Duquette
Basketball Operations Assistant - Brad Green
Basketball Operations Assistant - Raymond Rios


Vice President, Communications - Mike Cristaldi
Director, Communications - Josh Rosen
Coordinator, Communications - Jerome Hubbard

Executive Vice President & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
- Pete Guelli
Manager, Sales & Marketing Operations - Tina Courtney


Senior Vice President, Marketing, Entertainment & Interactive Media - Seth Bennett
Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy - Josh Kramer
Director, Interactive Media - Matt Rochinski
Director, Event Presentation - Jason Simon
Director, Technical Operations - Kevin Baker
Director, Marketing - Liz Ralon Rackoff
Director, Retail - Dave Cromar
Director, Creative - Josh Whiteside
Manager, Interactive Media - Sean Phaler
Manager, Event Presentation - Emily Ladd
Manager, Marketing - Ron Chase
Manager, Marketing - Valentina Barton
Manager, Digital Marketing - Aubrey Resech
Manager, Retail Operations - Lewis Hagerman
Manager, Warehouse - Bob Clark
Project Manager, Marketing - Ally Oelerich
Coordinator, Social Media - Eryn Gradwell
Coordinator, Marketing - Valentina Barton
Coordinator, Broadcasting - Steve Martin
Coordinator, Special Appearances - Dave Stogdill
Coordinator, Technical Operations - Evan Manning
Senior Graphic Designer & Animator - Kathy Schmid
Graphic Designer - Aaron Dewey
Graphic Designer - Steve Hardican
Graphic Designer - Ashley Mulready
Assistant, Grassroots Marketing - Ed Ibarguen
Associate Producer - Kyle Kebert
Associate Producer - James Ziegelbauer
Radio Play-by-Play Announcer - Scott Lauer
Community Ambassador - Matt Carroll

Community Relations/CatsCare

Vice President, Community Relations/Executive Director of Cats Care Foundation – Kim Henderson
Director, Community Investment - Bernie Washington
Coordinator, Community Partnership Activation - Kate Hussmann

Marketing Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing & Ticketing - Flavil Hampsten
Vice President, Partnership Marketing - Kyle Caddell
Senior Director, Partnership Sales - Dan Fitzsimmons
Director, Partnership Services - Chris Ziegler
Manager, Marketing Partnerships - Seth Firquin
Account Executive, Partnership Sales - Mark Kent
Senior Account Manager, Partnership Services - Lindsay Owanesian
Account Manager, Partnership Services - Jill Heuer
Account Manager, Partnership Services - Kevin Simon
Research Manager - Jordan Polk
Coordinator, Marketing Partnerships - Amanda Wilson

Ticket Sales and Service

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Marketing Partnerships - Flavil Hampsten

Senior Director, Premium & Season Ticket Sales - Marc Jackson
Senior Director, Client Services and Retention - Jacob Gallagher
Director, Database Marketing - Chris Zeppenfeld
Director, Suite Sales - Kameron Florence
Senior Manager, Group Sales - Sean O’Connor
Manager, Inside Sales - Matt Fahr
Manager, Premium Sales - Drew Praster
Manager, Organizational Group Sales - Seth Roberts
Manager, Season Ticket Services - Cedric Roberts

Coordinator, CRM - Sarah Koontz
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales - Tim Barabas

Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales - Colin Riley
Account Executive, Group Sales - Cara Dolan
Account Executive, Group Sales - Jeff Gibbons
Account Executive, Group Sales - Jennifer Kushner

Account Executive, Group Sales - Dominick Principato
Account Executive, Group Sales - Samantha Santucci
Account Executive, Premium Sales - Kristi Cornuet
Account Executive, Premium Sales - Rich Gandolfo
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Will Bardaglio
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Kyla Canada
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Brittany Christian
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Drew Littleton
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Joe Mancuso
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Justin Shively
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Emily Spiegel
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Justin Van Kleeck
Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales - Kevin York
Senior Account Manager, Premium Services - Alan Wheeling
Account Manager, Premium Services -Katie Jones
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services - Chris Brown
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services -Derrick Crump
Account Manager, Season Ticket Services -Wade Davenport
Account Executive, Season Ticket Services -Lyndsey Hutchens
Inside Sales Consultant - Julie Brezinsky

Inside Sales Consultant - Shane Brown
Inside Sales Consultant - Jeff Eldridge
Inside Sales Consultant - Erik Ernst
Inside Sales Consultant - Halee Harrison
Inside Sales Consultant - Jasamine Hill
Inside Sales Consultant - Zach Kaytes

Inside Sales Consultant - Tyler Mallams
Inside Sales Consultant - Nick Pretty
Inside Sales Consultant - Nichole (Nikki) Rauscher
Inside Sales Consultant - Drew Sandora
Inside Sales Consultant - Samantha Santucci
Business Analyst - Trevor Corbin

Ticket Operations

Vice President, Ticket Operations - Andrew Shure
Senior Director of Ticketing, Arena Events - Mike Tanda
Coordinator, Ticket Operations - Carly Minarick

Legal Affairs
Vice President & General Counsel - Joe Pierce
Senior Manager, Legal Affairs - Allison Purmort

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources - Rhonda Curry
Manager, Payroll - Stacey Dillard
Manager, Human Resources - Jackie Mannon

Information Technology

Director, Information Technology - Ronnie Bryant
Information Technology Administrator - Arthur Dandridge


Vice President, Finance - Travis Ferguson
Senior Director, Finance - Jim Dunlevy
Accounting Manager - Ansel Gardiner
Accounting Manager - Kyra Nance
Staff Accountant - Nadia Qadir
Financial Analyst - Graham Pitt

Time Warner Cable Arena

Senior Vice President, Arena & Event Operations/General Manager - Donna Julian
Vice President, Guest Services & Event Staffing - Marlene Hendricks
Director, Arena Booking - Glenn Grabski
Director, Arena Events & Operations - Trista Langdon
Director, Public Safety & Special Projects - Anthony Datcher
Senior Manager, Arena Events & Operations - Shawn Holden
Manager, Arena Events & Operations - Dan Bain
Manager, Event Services - Andrew Chisholm
Manager, Arena Events Security - Joe Reinhardt
Public Safety Officer - Charles Cobb
Guest Services Representative – Angie Vonwergers
Receptionist – Jennifer Fannin

Senior Advisors

Special Advisor, Ticket for Kids Program - Sporty Jeralds
Vice President - Ed Lewis
Group Sales Consultant - Carl Scheer
Special Advisor to the Chairman - Paul Silas



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