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The Hornets App is free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tap the ticket icon in the upper right-hand corner of your app screen or “Manage My Tickets” from the “Tickets” page, and login to your Charlotte Hornets or Ticketmaster account using the email and password you used to purchase tickets.

Mobile entry enhances the guest experience by providing a fast, easy way for patrons to enter Spectrum Center using only their smartphone. This technology allows you to manage your tickets from your smartphone (including transferring and reselling) and reduces the risk of lost, stolen or counterfeit tickets.

Please visit the Spectrum Center Box Office located on the Trade Street Plaza with a valid ID for the name on the account.

You can also access your tickets via your smartphone’s browser.
If you’re a ticket plan holder, please visit
If you purchased individual game tickets, please visit

If you have not yet arrived at Spectrum Center, please call 704-688-8635. If you have arrived at the arena, please locate an App Squad member or one of our staff members and they will be able to assist.


You can access and manage your tickets as soon as you connect your ticket account to the Hornets App. The QR code on your tickets will be visible two weeks in advance of each game.

Yes, and you will be able to swipe left and right through all available tickets.

No, screenshots will not be able to be scanned.

After you’ve logged into your ticket account, select the specific game and tap “View Barcode” to pull up your tickets.

Every fan needs to present a ticket to enter the arena. If a member of your party is not with you, you will need to transfer the ticket to them so they may enter separately.


After you’ve logged into your ticket account, tap on the game for which you are interested in transferring tickets and tap the “Send” button at the bottom of the screen.

You should have received an email where you can accept the offer. If you received a text message, tap the link in the text to accept your tickets from your phone.

Yes, if they don’t have one already, they will need to create a ticket account before they can accept the offer.

As long as the recipient has not accepted the tickets, you can cancel a transfer and resend to the correct person by accessing the tickets in your Hornets App.

Yes. You can still post your tickets to Tickemaster’s secondary marketplace by logging in to your Hornets Account Manager at Click on the game you’d like to sell, then click “Sell Tickets” to make your tickets available for sale.

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