2017 NBA Draft Combine: Day 2

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by Quinton Wash

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By Sam Perley, hornets.com | Tuesday, May 16, 10:01 a.m.

The 2017 NBA Draft Combine has wrapped up, but the overall evaluation process for many prospective players has only just begun in what will surely be a busy next few weeks. This annual two-day event essentially doubled as one gigantic interview for players where any number of variables and factors can determine one’s future. With so much going on at the NBA Draft Combine, there were a handful of sights and sounds that stuck out in particular. 

Experience Matters More? – While younger, potential-ridden players will always be a hot commodity, older, more-developed prospects might be getting longer looks from NBA teams. The recent success of Milwaukee’s Malcolm Brogdon – a four-year player at Virginia who thrived for the Bucks in his rookie season despite being taken in the second round – has perhaps help shift more attention to those who stayed in college longer. 

“It’s always so tough with young guys because you never know. There’s always a question mark,” said Villanova senior guard Josh Hart at the NBA Combine. “I’m a little bias. I’m a four-year player. You have guys that have played college for three and four years. They’re physically [and] mentally mature and able to go in and make an impact. You know what you’re getting.”

Numbers Aren’t Everything – Most prospects participate in a wide range of testing at the NBA Draft Combine, a process that includes vertical jumping, shuttle run, wing span and bench press. The numbers can certainly help or hurt one’s stock, but should always be taken with a grain of salt. Many successful players who didn’t test well at the NBA Combine went on to have successful careers and vice versa. Ultimately, the testing results are just one piece of the puzzle.

Players in High Demand – Asking prospects which teams they’ve spoken with at the NBA Draft Combine quickly turned into an impressive display of memory recall. Organizations had the option to meet with up to 20 players in addition to lining up future interviews and workouts as well. There’s plenty on the line for all parties involved and due diligence is certainly a common denominator.  

Anything Can Happen – In all likelihood, the Charlotte Hornets will be picking 11th and 41st overall at the NBA Draft next month. That being said, unpredictability and craziness can always intervene over the next few weeks. The Hornets could wind up vaulting into a top-3 pick or make a trade somewhere along the line to move up or down or even out of the NBA Draft entirely.

Good Players Everywhere – Regardless of popular sentiment, there are perhaps fewer “can’t-miss prospects” out there then fans are led on to believe. Likewise, plenty of talented players have experienced successful careers despite not being picked at the top of the NBA Draft. A multitude of factors are considered during the NBA Draft process, but ultimately it comes down to finding the right combination of fit and potential when making a pick.

History of the 11th Pick – Notable players taken with the 11th Pick in the NBA Draft include Kiki Vandeweghe (1980), Fat Lever (1982), Reggie Miller (1987), Nick Anderson (1989), Robert Horry (1992), Allan Houston (1993), J.J. Redick (2006), Jerryd Bayless (2008), Klay Thompson (2011) and Myles Turner (2015). 


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