Portland will honor its first season in the NBA by wearing the Trail Blazers retro-styled 1970's uniforms against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, Jan. 19. Portland defeated Cleveland 115-112 in its first-ever game on Oct. 16, 1970. The Trail Blazers are wearing the uniforms occasionally this season, taking part in NBA Hardwood Classics Nights.

Portland's uniform, logo and team colors have remain largely undisturbed over the team's 35 years in the league, with its most recent updates in 2002 being a subtle accent of silver.

Take a look back at some of the uniforms the Trail Blazers have worn in their history.

Opening Tip
Portland opened its inaugural season in 1970, defeating the expansion Cleveland Cavaliers 115-112. Portland would go on to win 29 games, the most of the three expansion clubs -- Buffalo was 22-60 and Cleveland 15-67. In 1974, Lenny Wilkens put on the red and white as player-coach, his final season as a player and his first of two years coaching the team.
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Straight To The Top
In 1974, the Trail Blazers took the big redhead from UCLA, Bill Walton, with the No. 1 pick. The following year they fitted him with a new jersey, one featuring "blazers" written vertically down the right side of the torso. In 1977, the Blazers captured the NBA Championship, with Walton being named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player.
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The defending NBA champions looked good in their new uniforms, adding a blaze across the chest and down the leg. After Walton went down for the season with a broken foot, Maurice Lucas and the Trail Blazers won only eight times in the final 22 games but still finished with the best record in the NBA.
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Seeing Red
The red away uniforms that Kiki Vandeweghe and the Trail Blazers sported through the 1984-85 season were shelved and would not be dusted off again until Dec. 28, 2002. Portland continued to wear white at home and black on the road, adding the red uniform to a handful of away contests.
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With A Capital ...
In 1991-92, the Trail Blazers implemented a subtle change in their uniform and logo. Clifford Robinson and the Blazers would run with the Bulls during The Finals in jerseys boasting "BLAZERS" in all uppercase typeface, with an added dimension to the lettering. The pinwheel logo was tilted 45 degrees to signify the motion of the game, with the red and black halves trading places.
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A Subtle Accent
The Trail Blazers unveiled their latest uniform update in 2002, adding silver accents to the jersey and logo. The pinwheel logo, as worn by Zach Randolph, now featured tapered ends and returned the red to the bottom half as it initially appeared in 1970.
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Jan. 19 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
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