The Atlanta Hawks are going back in time -- to the 1970s to be exact. The Hawks, who are playing their 36th season in Atlanta, will celebrate their time in Atlanta by taking part in four NBA Hardwood Classic nights, three of which will be in Atlanta.

Here we take a look back at some of the uniforms the Hawks have worn in their history.

Gateway Jerseys
When Hawks power forward Bob Pettit retired in 1965, he was the leading scorer in NBA history. Here Pettit, who played with the Milwaukee and St. Louis Hawks and was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, shows off the uni the Hawks wore out West.
Greg Foster
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Green and Blue
See "Pistol" Pete Maravich on the left? That is the jersey the 2003 Hawks will wear in four NBA Hardwood Classics nights this season. The blue uniform on the left is the uniform the Hawks wore on the road from 1970-72.
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Seeing Red
Red became the prominent color once again for the Hawks. Here, Maravich sports the red road uniform with pinstripes in the piping on the side and around the neck. The Hawks would wear these from 1972-1975.
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Pac-Man Hawks
With the outline of Hawk within a circle was the franchise's logo since 1972, the Hawks incorporated the logo into their warmups in 1982 when they debuted these classics from the 1980s. That's the Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins in the road red and gold. The Hawks wore these for 10 seasons.
Jonathan Daniel
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Reserved Red
For the 1992-93 season, the Hawks went to one solid body color for their uniforms. Here, Mookie Blaylock sports the reserved look. The Hawks would wear these through the end of the 1995 season.
Steve DiPaola
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Graphic Departure
In the mid-1990s any team named after an animal seemingly had to have that animal represented on their jerseys as big as possible. Remember the cartoon Raptor? The huge roaring Grizzlies? The Hawks were no different as they added a huge, scary hawk and black to the uniforms. Here, Dikembe Mutombo sports the scary hawk. They wore these from 1995-99.
Jonathan Daniel
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Present Day
Today's Hawks uniform ditched the flying hawk and subtly incorporates a hawk silhouette in the "A" on the uniforms and talon-like serifs on the lettering. They've also gone back to one solid body color for both the home whites, as Jason Terry wears, and the road reds.
Jamie Squire
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Dec. 12 at Indiana Pacers
Dec. 27 vs. Detroit Pistons
Jan. 19 vs. Indiana Pacers
March 30. vs. Utah Jazz



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