The Los Angeles Clippers will be celebrating 25 years of playing in California by wearing retro uniforms from the 1978-79 season for four home games, part of the NBA's Hardwood Classic nights. We've taken a fashionable look back at some of the past uniforms the teams have worn in their history.

Red, White, Blue
Braves center Elmore Smith battles Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a striking white tank top with diaganol lines that make him look slimmer. The Braves are seen during their infancy in the NBA.
Walter Iooss, Jr.
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Baby Blue
The Braves sported a sky-blue look for their final years in Buffalo. Here, Bob McAdoo battles Wes Unseld in a matchup that does not clash.
Jerry Wachter
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Western Sails
Moving west to San Diego and renaming themselves the Clippers, the uniform goes to a slightly different shade of blue while adding "SAN DIEGO" across the front. California native Bill Walton sported the new look for three years.
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LA Blue
Moving up the coast to Los Angeles, the Clips turned the light blue to a very dark navy and removed the city name for the big "Clippers" on the front. Michael Cage battled crosstown rival Magic Johnson for a spot on the best-dressed list.
Andrew D. Bernstein
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A Good Red
In 1986, the Clippers abandoned the blue for a striking red ensemble. With a few seasons in LA under their belt, they were no longer shy of showing everyone where they lived, emblazoning "LOS ANGELES" across the front. Norm Nixon wore these in his final active season.
Andrew D. Bernstein
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Name That Team
Not that the bold "Los Angeles" experiment didn't work, but the Clips went back to having the team nickname on the front in 1988. That year's first overall draft pick Danny Manning is seen driving the baseline in these fine duds.
Andrew D. Bernstein
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Present Day
Today's Clippers' uniform remains true to the previous one, but with a little more blue down the side, recalling the blue of the Braves. Elton Brand is seen soaring to the bucket for a jam against the Kings
Rocky Widner
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Nov. 27 vs. New Jersey Nets
Jan. 27 vs. Chicago Bulls
Mar. 21 vs. Golden State Warriors
Apr. 14. vs. Seattle SuperSonics