For all intents and purposes, this game was won in the waning moments of the first half at Boston Garden. With only seconds remaining before halftime, the West led 43-39. From under his own basket, Bill Sharman threw a full-court pass to fellow Celtic Bob Cousy. The pass was too high for Cousy to pull down, instead landing in the basket for the longest field goal, a 70-footer, in All-Star Game history.

The incredible shot took the wind out of the West, and the East went on to win the game, 109-97. Cousy's brilliant playmaking and his 10 points earned him his second MVP Award. He was one of six East players to score in double figures.

Bob Pettit led the West with 21 points and Mo Stokes added 19, but the West shot only .378 from the field and .591 from the foul line.