“Any living legend can take over a game in the last few minutes. Only Bird can take it over in the first few minutes.”

--Journalist Peter Vescey

“I don’t think there will ever be another 6’9” point guard who smiles while he humiliates you.”
--James Worthy, on longtime Lakers teammate Magic Johnson

“Larry Bird just throws the ball in the air and God moves the basket underneath it.”
--Cleveland Cavaliers public address announcer Howie Chizek after Bird set a club record with 60 points in one game and scored 48 in another during the 1984-85 season

“He would be another Dwight Clark. He doesn’t have lightning speed, but he’d find the open spot because he’s Magic. And he could make all the catches.”
--NFL great Ronnie Lott, on how Magic Johnson might fare as a wide receiver in football

“When the new schedule would come out each year, I'd grab it and circle the Boston games. To me, it was The Two and the other 80.”
--Magic Johnson

“The first thing I would do every morning was look at the box scores to see what Magic did. I didn't care about anything else.”
--Larry Bird

“Larry, you only told me one lie. You said there will be another Larry Bird. Larry, there will never, ever be another Larry Bird.”
--Magic Johnson, at Larry Bird's retirement party at Boston Garden on February 4, 1993

“It was the first game ever called on account of hugs.”
--Magic Johnson, who received a warm welcome from fellow players when he returned from retirement to score 25 points and win the MVP award at the 1992 All-Star Game