Inside The HEAT: Duncan Robinson Teaser

On this edition of “Inside the HEAT- Duncan Robinson” catch up with “The Long Shot” podcast creator in our very own podcast style set. Hosted by Jason Jackson, we spend some time with Duncan Robinson learning about the inception of his podcast and what he enjoys about it most. Learn about how he has grown with his interview skills and look back at some of the guests he has been able to interview along the way. Get ready for a laugh when Duncan and Jax listens back to some fun moments from his original podcast that he started when he was in college at Michigan. We then spend some time talking about his special moment of signing his deal in the summer of 2021 with his family present and what that has meant to him. We then talk all things basketball and about how his game is growing and the team while smashing records along the way. Duncan then takes us through his time in the community, including a moment over the summer where he had a basketball court named in his honor is his hometown in New Hampshire. All this leads to how he looks for ways to give back to the community and how he is inspired by his teammates around him to make an impact in his NBA hometown. All this and more on “Inside the HEAT- Duncan Robinson”.

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