Miami HEAT Radio Streaming on the Miami HEAT App

HEAT Fans, if you are inside 75 miles of the arena, you can now listen to each game's radio broadcast live on the Miami HEAT App. The app is the only HEAT platform to host radio. The pregame stream starts one hour before every game. 

Navigation: The Radio feature is available on the game page up to 60 minutes prior to a game. Users may get to the game page in the “Scores and Schedule” calendar or by selecting the “Game Detail” button on the HEAT Stream (up to 60 minutes prior to game start). During a game, users may also get to the game page by selecting the live score bar at the top of the app. Once there, users can scroll down until you see the “Radio” module.

Language: The radio stream is currently available in English only. Stay tuned for Spanish availability.  

Settings iOS: iOS users enable “location services” in the settings app on your phone.  Settings App > Privacy > Location Services > Miami HEAT > While Using or Always.

Settings Android: Android users must enable both the “phone” and “location” settings under the phone’s application manager. Settings > Applications > Applications Manager > Miami HEAT > Permissions > "Phone" & "Location"

Postgame: The radio button will not be available once the game ends, however users listening to the radio stream prior to the game ending will be able to continue listening to the radio stream for the postgame show. 

Check out the app here

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