Riley: “You Keep Working Towards The Goal”

by Joe Beguiristain

On Monday, HEAT President Pat Riley spoke to the media about the 2017-18 season and his outlook moving forward.

On Doing What It Takes To Improve The Roster

"It just keeps going on and on and on, and we’re not going to stop. And it doesn’t make any difference how we do it. Whether you have [a team with room], whether you’re capped out, whether you got a lot of guys under contract, whether you’re limited with your picks, you keep working towards the goal. And that’s what we’re going to do."

"It would be pretty easy to come back with the same team. Now I know that wouldn’t make you happy or probably our fan base happy because they’re all clamoring for more. Well, we’ll try to give them more. That’s what I’ve been doing since I’ve been here. That’s what Micky has been doing: trying to give you more if we can. But we’re not going to do anything I think that isn’t smart. We will never do anything that’s going to really hurt the franchise."

On His Message To The Team

"I talked to the team the other day…I wanted them to define transformation."

"When you get to the whole concept of transformation, it’s something that a person goes through, who really gives it deep thought and thinks about it, you have to for at least a week or two weeks after a season like we just had, and then what are you going to do about it in the summer as a player? What are you going to do about the requests that management or the coaching staff is going to make to you about improvement?"

"You have to ultimately continue to improve your skill level. You can come in with talent. Talent is just something you have in a box…but can you become a better basketball player off the court and then take that and transform that into a real game and competition with game plans and schemes and all that stuff? That’s where you measure a player’s improvement, and so you always internally improve."

"There is a ceiling to everybody, I think that comes with age, but right now we have a bunch of guys that can still get better."

On Dwyane Wade

"I love the fact he came home…and plus Dwyane played some big-time minutes for us. We don’t win Game 2 in Philly without him and we’re not in Game 4 without him, so he still has it."

On James Johnson

"I look at JJ as a quintessential, as they’re described now, Swiss Army knife. He had a great second half last year. He had a great second half this year. And we ask him to do a lot of things. He can guard point guards just like Justise can. He can handle. He’s involved in a lot of the decision making and running the offense…I love JJ. I love the fact that he’s winner and wants to win, he’s got a great attitude, but he has to get better, too. I mean, we all have to get better."

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