Prized Possession: HEAT vs. Pelicans (7/12/18)

Duncan Robinson
David Dow
by Matthew Bodfield

Spacing on an NBA court is a lot different than the one in college, where isolation and cutting plays are typically implemented at the coach’s discretion or on a situational basis. The Miami HEAT have adopted the cutting action in a lot of their plays. Duncan Robinson displayed the different ways to score today with being aware of spacing and moving around the floor without the basketball. Those actions on the floor contributed to a 110-106 victory over the Pelicans on Thursday.

On this play, Duncan Robinson makes a weak-side cut on the slot as the ball gets to Jarrod Jones. From there, Robinson cuts and pins Trevon Bluiett to the screen, giving him room to get to the basket as the Pelicans fail to switch on time.

As Derrick Walton Jr. makes his way around the baseline on this play, the average shooter would know to relocate with the limited spacing. Robinson is mindful of the action around the baseline and cuts down the lane. Walton Jr. then finds the forward as he hits the two-foot floater for two, which is a stronger stance when taking the floater as opposed to a quick release using one leg.

Robinson finished the game with 11 points on 4-of-10 shooting, four rebounds and three assists.


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