Prized Possession: Jazz vs. HEAT (7/10/18)

Bam Adebayo
Garrett Elwood
by Matthew Bodfield

As mentioned before in this space, a lot of what is implemented within the offense in Summer League is what we see during the season. As guys get into a rhythm during the summer gauntlet, we will also see things like emphasis on defense, hustle for loose balls, and on/off ball actions on offense. Derrick Walton Jr. and Bam Adebayo showcased a lot of what they learned last season as they defeated the Jazz 98-90 on Tuesday afternoon.

As Walton Jr. catches on the slot, his defender collapses to help on what could have been a lob to Adebayo. Walton Jr. is cognizant that his defender is running to him, which makes it even more difficult to defend if he immediately attacks without hesitation, which he does. As he nears the rim, the guard uses a wider angle on the layup for two.

On this play, you can see how similar it is to things we see in the regular season: action on the wing that would either be a DHO (dribble handoff) or like this play, a slip to the basket from Adebayo. As Matt Farrell gets into the lane, Isaac Haas is more focused on stopping the drive, leaving Adebayo open as he slips to the basket and finishes the dunk.

Adebayo and Walton Jr. finished the game with a combined 30 points.

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