Prized Possession: HEAT vs. Kings (7/5/18)

Bam Adebayo
Rocky Widner
by Matthew Bodfield

With former rookies already completing their first year as pros, it’s really important to set yourself apart in Summer League and validate the fact that you belong. A majority of those said situations are two perfect moves that were utilized throughout the season, and new ones alike.

While Bam Adebayo had an impressive rookie campaign, the big fella also contributed to the HEAT’s 86-76 victory over the Kings on Tuesday night to conclude the California Classic as the team heads to Vegas. Adebayo displayed great patience and skill in isolation, with a mid-range jumper and finishes around the rim.

Here, Derrick Walton Jr. gets around Frank Mason III with a brush-screen from Duncan Robinson on the perimeter. As he nears the rim, the Kings' defense slightly collapses, allowing the guard to get just enough space for the no-look pass to Adebayo in the short corner. The center/forward plants his feet and uses the high pump-fake to get Marvin Bagley III in the air for the uncontested dunk.

On this play in isolation, Adebayo fronts his man, and as Devin Williams sits on his heels, he hits a quick jab to force the defender to move while he gets the right amount of space for the one-dribble pull up.

Adebayo finished the game with 14 points and nine rebounds.


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