Prized Possession: Hornets vs. HEAT (7/8/18)

Duncan Robinson
Bart Young
by Matthew Bodfield

Player development has always been at the forefront when it comes to the Miami HEAT, turning good to great and utilizing the best in their personnel. While we’ve known of Duncan Robinson’s shooting ability, he has the little intangibles that make it easy for the coaching staff to work with. Things like getting around screens, using the extra dribble off the catch, faking his man, and the ability to move well without the ball. While those things are conducive to team success, it was not enough as the HEAT lost to the Hornets 94-90 on Sunday night.

On this play, Robinson uses the ball fake to open up his shot. This is a difficult move when broken down, only because it places more of the driving force on one leg when pulling up, but the forward keeps his base and gets a good release for three.

For the most part, the Miami offense clicks off many facets. One important ingredient is action off the ball. Here, Robinson slips the screen and goes wide on the perimeter, attaching his defender to the screen at the elbow as he gets his shot off.

Robinson finished the game with 10 points and three made treys.

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